The musician father aspires his little kid to become a rock star in future and therefore, has a similar tattoo on his arm.
The small tattoo on the chest showing the sleeping baby is a pointer to the security babies feel in the bosom of their mothers. A colored tattoo with the name of the child shows the mother holding the baby in her hands and lulling it into sleep. A red-faced portrait of the new-born baby with an innocent look indicates the disbelief in its eyes. A baby sleeping cozily into the comfort of angel wings is symbolic of the warmth of mother’s lap.
A cute little baby girl looking glad in her twin ponytails smiles bright having been carved as a tattoo image. Baby footprints carved along with name and holy cross is for the twin daughters born to the woman.

This tattoo stands for the robot like agility mother has to bring into herself when a child comes into her life.
The lovely little steps hanging atop the mother’s feet carved with foot print tattoo melt your heart with emotions. Quote tattoos are both meaningful and trendy allowing the wearer to convey an important message while making a bold style statement. Having the image of your baby inked in your body, I will be very proud having a tattoo of my baby’s face. Almost all rip tattoos have names or dates incorporated within them to make it evident whose memory you are cherishing. The meaning of these tattoos principally depends on the words in the quotation, while the pictures associated with them often gives the tattoo additional symbolic value. Baby tattoos offer an outlet to them to give a concrete and material form to this inexplicable love.

After all no joy can be as great as carrying your baby on your body even after it has come into the world.
There are several possible variations for such tattoos and not one is better than the other. Yet here are nine of the best made rip tattoos to help give you an idea what it should look like.

Images of tattoo designs
Beautiful flower tattoos for wrist

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