How to make photo quote about love - Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness..
Now, I back to unknown since the what I loved her no minded her real named the finals and when the raped with could does the mess up both the life for no reason into we in loving a be true than baddest gals or guys gave me the stranger for dis-understood what we could to die with not-free the life with the truth within GODS Family! Nate: The Loveumentary is a project dedicated to telling stories of real love without the influence of the unrealistic Disney princess love, or the overwhelmingly negative news stories and statistics. Melissa: We are currently embarking on a journey across America to record the 100+ greatest love stories in the country. In addition to interviewing the most in-love couples we can find, we will also be interviewing relationship experts, marriage counselors, researchers, and psychologists who have dedicated their lives to the study of love and relationships.
Nate: Two very curious souls in two very different parts of the country wanted to understand what separates the longest-lasting most love-filled relationships from all the rest.
One serendipitous day, they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and decided to join forces to help each other accomplish their goals and transform the way America views love and relationships. Nate: This project is meaningful to us because it is providing answers to questions that we’ve had for most of our adult lives… and we know we aren’t alone in wondering about the mysteries of love. Melissa: As a journalist, I’ve always wanted to tell the honest, comprehensive story about important cultural issues that no one else is telling. Yet, millions of couples around the country are building fulfilling relationships and loving families. Now, I’m beginning to realize that it’s more about being personally ready to love someone wholeheartedly—with relatively unconditional commitment and unreserved enthusiasm for and about the other person. True love is about going into a relationship with your whole heart, having a genuine excitement about designing a committed relationship, and being the co-author of your future memories with a great partner.
In the meantime, you can find everything you ever wanted to know about the Lovumentary Project here.
Melissa and Nate, you both sound wise beyond your young years, and I wish you all the best as you travel across the country spreading love stories!
Tammy – I feel so blessed to have hosted such a soulful interview and so excited to support them!
I help Smart, Soulful, Successful women (just like you!) have healthier, happier, sexier marriages using simple tools I share on the blog and in my personalized coaching programs.

After years working on the HR side of luxury hospitality, I realized, 5 star hotels are fabulous, but 5 star marriages are even better! Plus regular bursts of soul-filled, love-soaked inspiration + VIP access to our classes and coaching programs. If you are being married or going to be married and looking for the marriage quotes then you do not have to worry I have collected best marriage quotes for you that I am sure you are going to like and share with your friends. I love to provide you guys best and high quality stuff on my website that will help you to solve your queries. They are travelling the country documenting what true love really looks like and teaching us all the secrets they discover about keeping love alive along the way. They are so passionate about sharing authentic love stories they make my heart smile. They have recently been featured on ABC News and Fast Company and I could not possibly be more excited to share their inspiring story with you today! I fell in love with journalism 16 years ago, and I’ve been pursuing a career in media ever since. By highlighting the relationships that are working, our ultimate goal is to reinvigorate the country’s faith in love, marriage, and one another. This journey is ultimately about intertwining storytelling and science to add context to our project. Melissa was in Chicago, and had a goal to interview 100 of the country’s most in-love couples, then write a book about what she learned. Melissa bought a plane ticket and flew to Salt Lake, and now we’re on the road documenting stories.
When two people come into a relationship ready to do those things, there’s no cap to the amount of love and fulfillment they can create in a relationship together. This project brought us together despite our many differences… and now we get to experience the answers and a whole lot of growth together.
Some people are very lucky not because they are being married but the reason is that they are being married to someone whom you like or love with your bottom of heart.
My heros are Jim Henson, Fred Rogers, and Leo Buscaglia because they dedicated their lives to something virtuous and meaningful, and left this world a better place for having been here. I’m particularly passionate about startups and technology, and was most recently the CEO of a media and events company in Chicago called Technori.

It’s time to dial back on the drama, and ease up on the expectations and take a good, honest look at love, why it’s important, and how to nurture it in our lives. We experience significant love poverty in our country—on one hand, we’re force fed unrealistic notions of love via Disney movies and romantic comedies; on the other hand, we’re bombarded with a decidedly cynical view of marriage—celebrity breakups, abuse, infidelity, the high divorce rate. To enjoy its constant presence, it requires practice, work, patience, forgiveness, honesty, respect, communication, a willingness to be vulnerable, and deep, abiding commitment.
There is nothing like a little trail-blazing to make you believe anything is possible with some love, a camera and a Kickstarter campaign. And if you’re feeling super daring, send us a copy of it (either a photo of it, or a scanned image).
In fact, I love Nate and Melissa’s take on love and possibility so much, they will be back next week with more fresh-eyed wisdom. Some people stay in a relationship for longtime but because of some reason they are not able give their relation a new name that is known as marriage.
I’m already checking off #25 and #26 with Nate, the best partner in growth a woman could ever ask for.
We’ll post it anonymously on our website in the hopes that it will encourage more people to write love letters to the important people in their lives.
The goal of this project is to help people get a realistic view of what love looks like… the ups and the downs, the good with the bad. When you are married to someone, then sometimes such moments occurs in life when you think that its end of our relationship named as marriage but the responsible and intelligent people ignore little things that helps to make their relation strong and beautiful. When people have a better idea of what challenges to expect, they are more prepared to navigate upcoming obstacles with grace, love, and trust.

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