I am a professional Tattoo artist and owner of the Tattoo Kraze studio which is located in Vadodara.
I have made many different type of tattoos with my own creativity and uniqueness and I enjoy working in co-operation with my clients for the creation of individualized original and special designs. I believe that Tattoo is the best and easiest way to express yourself, and I can help you to express your thoughts and if you are confused than I can help you for getting idea. Same as India and Egypt, all other continent have their own way to use and meaning of tattoo.

Tattoo is not fashion; it is simply the way to express you and our thought without saying a single word. Tattoo Kraze will help you to express your inner thought, imagination and even your inner personality with tattoo art, because I believe that everyone have inner personality. Getting tattoo is not destination it is a journey to reach the destination, and its destination is beyond imagination. At Tattoo Kraze you will find that every design is unique and creative even the thought or imagination is same.

It's a saying that over thousands year ago the first tattoo probably was created by accident. We will listen and understand you to make a customised tattoo of your choice, because tattoo is a permanent memory, and we will like to make your memory joyful and graceful.

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