Getting a writing tattoo design usually means that a person wants to get either a name, quote or famous book passage inked into their skin. When getting writing tattoos you have to make a few important decisions first and also do your homework. The first thing that a person who wants to get a writing tattoo needs to think about is what language they want to use.
Another thing that a person must consider before getting a writing tattoo is what they want it to say. Chinese tattoo designs have been extremely popular in Western culture the last decade, and show no signs of slowing down in popularity.
The Ying Yang and Chinese phoenix are also artwork found in the Chinese culture that makes for great tattoos.
Although tattoos have traditionally had a negative association throughout history in the Chinese culture, as the belief was the body is sacred and should not be altered. If you are seriously considering getting a tattoo, we suggest you take a look at a site such as Chopper Tattoo. Tattoos have been around since the the biblical times and have been popping up everywhere since then.

One of the things that have brought the country of Japan recognition on a global scale is the art of tattooing that the Japanese people indulge in.
Today however the trend has reversed and the art of tattooing has become a means of making a fashion statement. Writing tattoos have been done in just about every human language, including dead languages. Amongst the many different kinds of tattoo styles and symbols the “love” tattoo symbol is by far one of the most popular once to hit the streets. This is an age old ideographical script that was introduced in the Japanese language many years ago.
This is probably due to the many celebrities who have embraced writing tattoos and added them to their personal tattoo collections.
Some of the more popular languages used nowadays include English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Gaelic and French. Read on to uncover the reasons for the popularity of Japanese love symbols.Japan is one of the world’s most advanced countries. By the looks of it the script looks as though it was initially created for the purpose of tattooing.

The mystique that is attached with the symbol seems far too intriguing to resist for the wild youth of today who love to stamp themselves with tattoos for life. Writing tattoos can make for some impressive statements and it is pretty easy to see why they are booming in popularity.
It should be noted that tattooing was something looked down upon in Japan because it was supposed to be an art form associated with criminals. But for the sake of money they have developed their tattooing industry which now serves a worldwide clientele.
In fact there are some elements of the Japanese culture that have been exported outside its boundaries to become a worldwide trend.

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