Polynesian tattoos have been a source of intrigue for many historians as the traditions behind these tattoos are centuries old. Polynesian tattoos come from a type of ancient art that has gained a lot of popularity with Tahitian tattoo designs, particularly Tahitian tribal tattoos. The culture of the Polynesian Islands is very distinct and has developed over a long period of time. Tahitian Polynesien tattoos are those that come from French Polynesia and were traditionally used to signify a high social rank. Ta Moko arts are visual symbols that are used to convey the tribal identity, ancestry, spirituality, social status, and family ranking. As Ta Moko designs have very unique characteristics among all tribal artworks, Maori arts have won a very important place in the tattoo industry around the world.
Maori tattoo, aka Moko, is a form of body art practiced by indigenous Maori people in New Zealand (Maori name: Aotearoa). They have a very interesting past associated with them, giving them a distinct meaning and design.

While these Tahitian tattoos are available in a lot of designs that appeal to a wide variety of people, the true tribal Polynesian tattoos were given with a procedure that was long and painful. When the ancestors of Maori tribe migrated to the new land between AD800 to 1300, they brought along the unique Polynesian cultures and arts–Ta Moko, or tattoo custom. Today, the beauty of the work of art has attracted many non-Polynesian in the world to ink Ta Moko tattoo designs.
The modern Ta Moko tattoos are often combined with Celtic element to form another type of unique artwork, and the tattoo looks great to be sported on the shoulders and upper arms. Like other tattoos of Polynesian islands, Maori tattoo designs are one of source patterns in tribal tattoo designs.
Therefore, those Tahitian tattoo designs that are available today are reserved for the more modern and less painful method that most tattoo artists use. Although the inking process is extremely long and painful, it is a very sacred event to the Polynesian tribe. Like other Polynesian tattoos, moko used to be representation of one’s social rank or status.

Polynesian is not in itself a style but a collection of the different tattoos used from all the different tribes. If you fancy Ta Moko designs, you should pick an artwork that does not carry any attributes of the Maori tribe. Some of the heaviest Tahitian tribal tattoos were worn by the inhabitants of The Marquesa Islands.
After getting the Polynesian design, the wearers will have to stay away from solid foods because any minor movement of the body will cause excessive pain to them. Most Polynesian tattoos symbolize courage, power, achievements, protection, and blessings from the Gods.

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