Circular Knots: Possibly symbols of cycles of life or eternity, but also seen as a sign of unity. The knots were quite prevalent in the Celtic world, appearing on pottery, buildings and on the familiar Celtic crosses that dot the island. Learning How to Make ThemHappily, you need not be a Wiccan or a psychiatrist to use Celtic knot decorations, to add an old Irish flavor to anything from your thumb ring to your living room wall. Of course, if you want a good look at some very famous original celtic knots, pay a visit to the Book of Kells in Dublin, which was created in 800 AD.
A key reason the knots are associated with religion is that after the Christians came to power in Ireland, they adopted the knots to their own religious purposes (just as they adopted many Celtic holidays for the Christian calendar). Many scholars believe they were simply brought into Ireland when Norsemen conquered the Celts.

Wiccans, the modern day pagans who actually follow a number of old Irish traditions, have adopted some very Celtic-looking knot designs as magic symbols.
Some historians thing the Celts drew them because they were prohibited from drawing any other pictures.
Re-designed versions of the knots appear in Christian scriptures, where intertwined hearts are presented as a Celtic symbol for love. Designs that seem similar to the Irish knots have been found in old Italian and British manuscripts, and on pottery and architecture in other parts of Europe.
Some say the knots are actually a code that makes up a symbolic language, and one intrepid fellow has put forth the idea that they are actually a form of music notation.
One of the more widely accept theories to explain Celtic knot meanings says that Celtic religion, like Islam, may have prohibited realistic depictions of living creatures.

This rule, which gave rise to extraordinary Arabic calligraphy may have given birth to the complex Irish knots. Other symbols woven into the knots by Christian calligraphers include crosses, harps, shamrocks and other popular images. The influence of all these cultures on each other may be what really gave birth to a style now called Celtic Interlace (a more exotic theory is that Coptic monks from Egypt visited Ireland in the 7th century and brought the design styles with them).

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