These tattoos can come in a variety of styles that differ in their shape, size, content and color. Some of the most well known tattoo designs with Italian themes include the Italian horn, the Italian Cross, as well as the Italian flag carrying the colors of red, white and green. Some of the popular themes include the Italian flag fading at its edges to give way to the Italian skyline or in the starry skies.

Italian tattoos may even depict the country’s famous cuisine, such as pizza, macaroni and meatballs.
Some of the most popular Italian quote tattoos that are in vogue include Credere Fiducia Sognare, La bella vita, avere fiducia, amore, sorelia, Forza e onor, Forza della tigre, la pura verita, verita, Vivi e lascia vivere, per sempre and La vita e bella.

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