In this chapter, you learn how to edit text in your JavaFX applications by using the embedded HTML editor. The HTMLEditor class provides a method to define the content that appears in the editing area when the application starts.
Figure 19-4 demonstrates the text editor with the text set by using the setHTMLText method. The user interface includes a choice box to select a type of recipient, two text fields to enter the email address and the subject of the message, a label to indicate the subject field, the editor, and the Send button. The getHTMLText method called on the HTMLEditor object derives the edited content and presents it as an HTML string.

Similarly, you can obtain HTML code and save it in the file or send it to the WebView object to synchronize content in the editor and the embedded browser. The Lazarus Image Editor is a raster image and icon editor for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and all other desktop platforms supported by Lazarus. Use the setHtmlText method, as shown in Example 19-3 to set the initial text for the editor. Each time a user clicks the Load Content in Browser button, the edited content is updated in the browser.
However, you still can customize the appearance of the editor by applying CSS style, as shown in Example 19-2.

When the text content exceeds the height of the editing area, the vertical scroll bar appears.

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