A new Samsung Galaxy S6 concept shows what a Galaxy S smartphone could look like with a design that utilizes metal. Before the Samsung Galaxy S5 arrived in February, rumors suggested that Samsung had two new Galaxy flagships up their sleeve. At Mobile World Congress, Samsung showed off the Galaxy S5 but it did not show off two Galaxy S5 variants.
While we wait for Samsung to deliver a metal Galaxy S, designers have taken it upon themselves to show what they would like to see the company do with the Galaxy S models of the future. A new concept from designer Jermaine Smit showcases a Galaxy S6 concept that look like how some envisioned the Samsung Galaxy S5 before its launch. His Galaxy S6 concept looks a lot like a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and it also comes with some of the perks found on the current Galaxy S5 design.
Rumors continue to assert that Samsung might still be working on a premium version of the Samsun Galaxy S5.

According to AsiaToday, Samsung is indeed working on a premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it says that this new device could land on shelves sometime in and around the month of June.
If and when a premium Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives, it has the potential to frustrate consumers who bought into the current Samsung Galaxy S5 thinking that it would be Samsung’s flagship premium 2014 smartphone.
As for the Samsung Galaxy S6, it likely won’t arrive until the first half of next year. So while Smit’s concept is labeled as a Samsung Galaxy S6, it might share some features in common with another version of the Galaxy S5.
Instead, the company debuted a plastic Galaxy S5 that arrived with a number of high-end features. The service lists the unreleased SM-G906S as a Samsung Galaxy S5 variant which fuels rumors that suggest that this high-end premium smartphone is, in fact, a Samsung Galaxy S5 variant. Again, rumors of a high-end metal Galaxy S5 were rampant ahead of its February launch and it could be that this SM-G906S variant is the metal Galaxy S5 that consumers have been waiting for.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a premium smartphone but this “Prime” version appears to be equipped with firepower that it doesn’t have.
Samsung recently confirmed that it will be releasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with brand new form factor, fueling rumors of a three-sided bent display. Early information points to the possible inclusion of a new Qualcomm processor and a flexible display though the real Galaxy S6 is likely still in the very early stages of development. They insisted on a metal Galaxy S5 that featured a number of high-end features including a QHD display and a high-speed processor, perhaps the Snapdragon 805. Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Note is expected to arrive this fall with a premium features that include a water and dust resistant design, high-powered display, LTE-A, and more.

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