Whether you want to just crop some pictures or make some great images for your website or even to cut out that weird guy that managed to photobomb your picture, then the Pixlr editor is the tool for the job.
You can insert text, red eye reductions, blur, smudge, crop, rotate, distort and loads of other different effects that usual come with a picture editor.
Use this for your business to create some images your visitors will love or for your personal use to show off pictures you’ve taken on your travels. When you head into the yellow section you get some really cool effects you can use on your images. You get to use 3 great bits of software, none of which you need to download, all for free that you can use to edit, crop and resize images to make them look however you want.
If you’re wanting some free software you can download though, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a good alternative. Online Free Photoshop alternative it is same like pixlr, But since autodesk has buyed pixlkr, now they have come up with piad version also, and toolpic editor is giving that paid version features in there free version have a look will benefit your user.
This is especially good if you edited up buying some royalty free images from places like PhotoDune and you want to edit them so you can use them over and over again without having to spend more money!

With several different layout options you can throw in many of your photos and show them all of to your friends in one image.
It’s complete free and is also similar to Pixlr and Photoshop, just without all the bells and whistles. I’ve also had that reaction as well, even though I do have photoshop, but the fact that you get all 3 for free, without having to download anything for your computer is pretty amazing. It lets you work easily with layers, filters, masks, brushes and other tools like desktop software, but for free!
The Pixlr photo editor is a web based piece of software that gives you everything you need to create pictures that would make picasso envious and now I’ll break down how you can use it. You can get separate apps for all of these different effects but now you can get them all in one app… for free!
People never believe we just edit with it, they think we photoshop or something else super advance! However, the photo editing web app is based on Adobe Flash player technology, so it won’t work on Apple mobile gadgets.

You can arrange the workplace to your taste since there are no fixed tabs.Pixlr allows you to upload a photo from your PC folders, URLs or Pixlr Library. You can create an account and store your pictures there for fast access from any device like with Adobe Creative Cloud.Add a picture and start editing.
Unlike its counterpart, Pixlr offers advanced features as masks, clone stamp, dodge tool, wand tool for online use. By the way, shortcuts are available and they correspond to those of Photoshop’s.Layer is the tab for merging layers, adding masks or some other images as layers.
Having learnt how to work with layers you’ll be able to merge different images the way you want.In Filters you’ll discover blur, sharpen and artistic filters for editing your image in one click. Check our guide on how to resize an image. All in all, Pixlr is a good Photoshop alternative for users of “A2” editing level.

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