November 16, 2010 By lauren One way to keep your website or blog looking sharp is to make sure that your photos are top notch. Filed Under: Blog, freebies, fun stuff, photography, Santa Clara Design Tagged With: editing, photography, photoshop, resources, tools, website photographyconnect with us!
We combine detailed planning with beautiful design to create a one-of-a kind website or blog for you. This is a free downloadable software for photo retouching and editing.  Works on Mac or PC.

The interface is very clean and sleek.  The site offers many different editing options and a nice series of previews for each effect at the bottom (see below) before the effect is applied. While Photoshop will always be my number 1 love , if you can’t afford Photoshop, GIMP is a good option. One nice thing is that you do not have to register to get started, so if you need to make a quick adjustment to a photo in a matter of minutes, this might just be the solution for you. Whether you need to crop a photo to fit in your Featured Content Gallery (one of my biggest pet peeves is stretched or squished photos forced to fit in a pre-defined space) or you need to brighten up a dark image, you don’t need expensive Photoshop software to get good results.

It can be a bit slower to load than some of the other applications, but the wait is probably worth it.  Picnik is also directly connected to many photo sharing sites. Remember, a well-edited photo can make all the difference on those important first impressions.

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