October’s birthday flower, the vibrant marigold, is a Mediterranean native plant and has been prized for both its beauty and versatility. With its intense color, it’s no wonder the marigold is the symbol of passion and creativity.
In Medieval England, the flowers and leaves of the marigold flowers, combined with ground eggshells, were added to heated ale and drank as a treatment for the plague. In Asia, garlands of marigold flowers are used to decorate religious statues, and during funerals and wedding ceremonies.
During Mexico’s annual Dia de los Muertos celebration colorful garlands of marigold flowers adorn the graves of deceased relatives and elaborate altars constructed in the many homes.

Marigold flowers are edible and are often used in salads or as a substitute for the much more expensive saffron spice.  The leaves of the marigold plant are also edible, but not as tasty. The same antioxidant carotenoids that contribute to the marigold’s captivating color may also provide positive health benefits for humans, such as possibly lowering the risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer. Your household plants will thrive all year long with these tips from our ultimate guide to watering indoor plants.
Featuring cozy flower arrangements decked with Christmas colors, patterns, scents and textures, we present our new winter flowers collection. They come in a range of colors including white, gold and yellow; however, probably the most popular is bright orange.

It is believed that the scent of the flowers help guide the spirits from the cemetery to the altars.
The calendula is also believed to be a useful herbal remedy for treating minor abrasions and even chapped lips.

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