He began focusing on tattoo design as a profession in 2002, drawing inspiration from modern art forms such as comic books, cartoons and animated films. Because of these influences on his tattoo design style, Sayalero’s tattoos have large areas of color, eye-catching movement and a sense of humor. Pin up girls are a classic subject for tattoo designs but Sayalero has given this sexy redhead a new school twist by turning her into a busty caricature of traditional pin up girls. His use of perspective creates depth within his scenes that allows each character room to stretch their personalities within the limited space of a tattoo design.
Instead of relying on two dimensional space, Sayalero creates space in his tattoos by using the third dimension of depth. This allows for a scene filled with multiple characters and objects that flesh out the symbolism of each tattoo.By layering elements in his designs, Jee Sayalero creates a sense of depth in a limited amount of space.
Sometimes an entire scene has an Asian influence, while other tattoos show Western and Eastern elements flirting and cavorting in an interesting mix of subjects and symbols.

The majority of Sayalero’s tattoos burst with color and contrast, adding to the sense of depth and space in the design. Using color contrast with a strong silhouette allows the tattoo to be readable from a distance instead of appearing as a mash of confusing color and shapes.Sayalero has used warm yellow tattoo ink to make this cuttlefish stand out against a cool blue background. This tattoo is an excellent example of how color contrast is used in both tattoo designs and comic book designs. This gives the subject the appearance of having a 2-dimensional surface in a 3-dimensional realm, an effect that looks fantastic in tattoo designs.
Serious subjects such as death are sometimes displayed in a funny way, as seen in the tattoo below. Traditional tattoos often took on a fairly serious, rigid form, expressing serious and rigid ideas about the world. Many new school tattoo artists pride themselves on approaching tattoo subjects in a different way; making serious subjects humorous or funny subjects seem difficult or angry.

New School tattoos often challenge our beliefs about a certain subject, transforming not only how that idea is displayed in tattoo designs, but how we think about those subjects.This new school tattoo design by Jee Sayalero takes death and mortality and displays them in a humorous way. Skeletons are a tattoo symbol of death and human mortality while an hourglass is often used to represent time, eternity and mortality.
Both of these symbols are often displayed in tattoos in a serious manner, but Sayalero has used his new school style to create a caricature of Death, showing him riding the hourglass while yelling like a kid on a rollercoaster. This allows his tattoo art to speak for itself; a tactic that many artists have used in the past but is seldom employed by current artists.

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