The fonts in this list are all free, and I’ve added the links to where you can download them.
Barcelona-based designer of the rounded stencil typeface Gordita (2015) and of the tangram-inspired Tangrama (2014). Graphic designer in Barcelona who created these typefaces in 2014: Honolulu, Western, Arsenal, SciFi, Paperclip, Tangram. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer in London, who drew a modular typeface in 2012 that is based on tangrams. Den Haag-based designer of the very experimental geometric typeface Tangram (2011), The Monks Are Allright (2012), and Scripto (2011).
Santurtzi, Spain-based designer of the octagonal modular typeface Bilbao (2015, with Amaia Martinez).
Lille, France-based student-designer at ECV Nord Europe of the octagonal stencil typeface Tangram (2015). At RMIT University, Monique Morrison (Melbourne, Australia) created the modular typeface Tangrams (2015), which was inspired by the 1970s. Serse Rodriguez (Barcelona) created the avant garde all-caps sans typeface Basico Typo (2014), Tangram Typo (2009) and the thin geometric beauty Panama Jack (2014).
In September 2014, Apple announced the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch, which comes with a new typeface developed in house.
An orphaned typeface posted here that is jjust a renaming of Schlager (2000, Simon Schmidt, Fountain). Decollection (1997) is an orphaned art deco headline typeface that is based on Boogie (NADA8) and Big Lou (NADA37), two alphabets drawn by Marcia Loeb in 1972. A mysterious free typeface created in 1997 in the style of the Glasgow School of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. FC Barcelona (2009), Premier League (2007), and Real Madrid 2009 (2009) are athletic lettering typefaces made a designer who wishes to remain anonymous. Unknown creator of Mucha Font, an art nouveau alphabet modeled after the hand of Alfonse Mucha. Creator of the gorgeous pearly inline display typeface Beau Jingle (2012), which does not seem to be available or viewable anywhere.

The orphaned font Moulin Rouge (2012) is a didone headline typeface after a curl treatment. Tonik Headline is a grotesque typeface designed by an unknown designer for Tonik Insurance. You’ll find a variety of useful typefaces, from highly geometric designs to elegant cursive scripts, from modern minimalism to traditional text faces. Designed by Oleg Pospelov in conjunction with Ivan Gladkikh, Oranienbaum is a modern serif that’s great when you need to add authority to text, such as editorial copy.
Designed by Adria Gomez, Margot is a modern sans serif with a number of interesting features. 1987) of the medieval calligraphic typeface Square Capitals (2014, Latin and Cyrillic), the uncial typeface Uncial (2015) and the Trajan typeface Capitalis Monumentalis (2015). At school, he created the Latin and Greek paper cut typeface Miyu (2011), which was inspired by the old Chinese game of Tangram. 1990) of Tangrabeto (2014, a modular tangram typeface) and Display New RD (2015, counterless). We read at ABFonts (where the font can be downloaded): ABFonts Santos FC 2012 Numerals is based on the numbers used on the jersey of Brazilian football club, Santos FC, which is outfitted by Nike. It revives the Victorian typeface Bijou (1883, Hermann Ihlenburg, for MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan).
So we’ve combed the Web for some of our favorite free fonts, and gathered them here in a single download.
The download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately. Several big articles are on their way: the fifth part in the History of Typography series, a personal piece on Why Type Matters, a couple of interviews, and the Combining Type article that outlines how to combine serifed typefaces with sans serif ones. They come equipped with instantly recognizable colour and weight of Cooper Black, the most popular typeface designed by Oswald Cooper in the year 1921. Seven Board of Cunning (2004) is a modular paper fold typeface constructed with Chinese tangram puzzle tiles.
Now based in Shanghai, he is the creator of a number of decorative Chinese and Latin typefaces in 2012.

Boeuf au Joost (2003, Nick Curtis) is an art deco typeface based on Swarte's record cover TangoCuatro from 1990.
Codesigner, with André Toet and Jasper Terra, of AT Move MMM (2013, SO Design), a rounded organic sans typeface. Monthoers is a versatile typeface, suitable for everything from food and drink labels, to sports headlines. In 2004, he also made an ascii typeface drawn from Helvetica Neue R, created and manipulated using Microsoft Word [sic], called Helvetica Neue R Microsoft Word. I really wonder why the typophiles bother---it's not their magazine or their web page---companies are free to use anything they like, including "not wasting a lot of effort on new typefaces".
Cooper agreed and designed some basic forms of the letters and provided the framework that gave birth to the typeface.
This modern font is certainly a paean to the litheness of unique skills acquired by Cooper.
This 3d geometric family was a grand prize winner in the experimental typeface category at Tipos Latinos 2010. This typeface won an award winner in the experimental typeface category at Tipos Latinos 2010.
Both Day Tripper NF and Heavy Tripp are based on Dignity Roman, a typeface from 1929 by art deco alphabet designer Alphonso E.
This popular free sans typeface family was started by Matt McInerney in 2010 and completed by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2013.
Modeled after Broadway, designed by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1928, originally named Broadway Poster.

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