The use of abbreviations and acronyms is extremely common among Mexican gang members who have these tattoos on their bodies as identifiers and sources of pride. Although the original Mexican mafia prison gang banned the practice of religion as a precondition to membership, the fact that Mexico in general is a country deeply rooted in the catholic tradition has made it impossible to discount the influence of religion completely, even amongst violent criminal gang members. Some Mexican gangsters also tattoo the web of their hands with drawings symbolic of their special role within the gang.  Sometimes these symbols are even burned into the hand.
Mexico, or the United Mexican States, is a republic bordered by the United States of America, Guatemala, and Belize, as well as the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. They take their themes from those of ancient Mayan, Inca and Aztec art, a very distinctive look that’s different from most other types of tattoo designs, yet instantly recognizable.
Mexican culture, a deep spiritual significance attached to them have tattoos and tattoo inspection fee, which is important for a Mexican. Whether it be a cute and colorful owl, or a dramatic skull shape with elaborate flowers, or a word tattoo with ‘Mexico’, bright colors or intricate details are the high points of Mexican Tattoos.
For example, the Vagos gang, otherwise known as Los Vagos often abbreviate there name to a simple VGS which is tattooed on the gang members bodies to signify membership. This is why many Mexican gang members, regardless or their particular affiliation will often be found with tattoos depicting a pair of hands clasped together in prayer. Basically, what an Aztec tattoo Aztec culture that requires a good knowledge, this is what every tattoo Aztec.

The world of old Mexican culture is a treasure-trove of rich patterns and intricate designs that make for cool body art. The most common type of Mexican tattoos is the Mexican skull tattoos. You are unsure of what these markings are, so you visit mexican mafia tattoos. Most of the other Mexican tattoo designs are spiritual and you would find that almost all of them are closely related to the Aztec culture. It can be said that many of these tattoos are something like a code that while meaningless to most outsiders are instantly recognized by fellow gang members, as well as members of rival gangs. Our guide to Mexican gang tattoos provides you with the background information you want to know.Although people often think of gangs as being something related to hip hop and modern youth culture, this is in fact not true at all.
Mexican gang members who are really enthusiastic to demonstrate their loyalty will often add 100% after the abbreviated tattoo to reinforce their loyalty to the gang.
This tattoo means that the wearer has pride in their family and in their country; they are proud of where they came from and they stay true to their roots. The Mexican skull tattoos form the core of the Mexican culture and they associate with certain festivities, like Day of the Dead. Read our guide for more information…Tattoos are viewed as a medium of expression by anyone who wears one; however, for a Mexican gangster it is much more than that. Mexican gangs have existed in the United States in some form or another for over a century.

A tattoo can literally make the difference between life and death in certain situations and tattoos are worn as a badge of pride and belonging, and a mechanism through which potential attackers can recognize an individual as belonging to a certain gang who will protect him and fight for him, thus discouraging others from attacking the Mexican gangster.
There are a whole host of different tattoos worn by Mexican gang members, some with nationalistic themes, others with religious themes.
Over the past decade, major cities on the east coast have seen a steady rise in the numbers of gangs composed of Mexican nationals, as well as US nationals or Mexican origin. However, the most important tattoo for a Mexican gang member to have, especially for one in prison is a tattoo that will make him readily identifiable as belonging to a certain gang. Also, a simple letter M is enough to signify membership of the Surenos who originated as the Mexican prison mafia gang known as La eme in Spanish, which translated into English simply means “M” which stands for Mexican Mafia.

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