Tattoo art has evolved so much over generations that there is a lot of variety to choose from. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Eyebrow Tattoos, Russian Prison Tattoos, Hot Tattoos and Gang Tattoos. The bulbous red eyes of this Mexican skull tattoo draw attention to the intricate design and bright colors.
This Mexican tattoo is really classy with the skull motif flanked by flowers on either side. The cross on the forehead, fire in the eyes and flowers all over makes this Mexican tattoo a colorful mixture of themes. This Mexican skull tattoo has different patterns all over its form, making it a stylish design.
There is so much color and patterns in this Mexican skull tattoo that is definitely an attention grabber. The intricate design and vivid colors makes this Mexican tattoo look very bright and trendy. Vibrant reds and blues make this Mexican skull tattoo look very bright despite its lack of size. Using one color might have made this Mexican skull tattoo very simple had it not been for the intricate design.

The Mexican skull tattoo in this snap is a superb mix of the skull theme with colorful geometric shapes and flowers.
Subdued brown skull design of this Mexican tattoo has a sudden splash of red in the eyes drawing immediate attention. Even this small design has the attention grabbing effect because it’s a Mexican skull tattoo. The use of all the primary colors has made this a very bright and vibrant looking Mexican tattoo. This Mexican tattoo has the might of grabbing attention despite its simple and tiny design. The bright red roses make this Mexican skull tattoo look trendy and different from the usual. Using aquamarine and gray shades makes this Mexican skull tattoo look very stylish and attractive.
Vibrant red and green shades cannot dispel the horrifying effect of the pile of skulls in this Mexican tattoo. Despite using just gray shading this Mexican skull tattoo and roses look very artistic and trendy. This Mexican tattoo has maintained its tradition of having a multitude of bright colors in its design.

Class Tattoo is indeed splendid and I think the most good looking Mexican tattoo in this collection. I don’t really get the idea of having the tattoo in ones hand with a skull but I so love the Mexican Class Tattoo Head. Whether simple gray and black colors are used or vibrant blue, red, pink, green and yellow; tattoos are surefire attention seekers.
If you are looking for some innovative and creative tattoos, here are a few options in Mexican skull tattoo designs.
Other designs like flowers and geometric shapes that have a contradictory theme are tattooed within the skulls creating an unusual art form.
These are tattoos that will look great with casual jeans and tees as well as hip hop outfits that are an essential part of being young.

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