Gypsies have often been the subject of much fascination among the general crowd due to their unconventional, bohemian lifestyles.
Gypsies are especially associated with practices of divination such as crystal gazing and tarot card reading.
The innate curiosity people have when it comes to the wandering tribes of Gypsies makes them a very popular subject of tattoo arts.

Gypsy tattoos can represent a number of positive meanings, such as independence, good fortune, good luck, happiness, desire, traveling, future, spirituality, nature, magic, success and living life to the fullest.
One of the most popular Gypsy tattoo designs is the image of a female figure staring up at the starry skies, symbolizing the eternal searcher, seer and the mystic. This common tattoo design can also be adorned by numerous other symbols such as butterflies and flowers.

The tattoo of the gypsy woman can be done in diverse styles, all of which are equally mesmerizing.

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