Just wondering what some thought are on getting masonic inspired tattoos, they actually have websites dedicated to this.
Just my personal feelings and I realize that I am probably in a minority on this but I don't think any tattoo presents a good image. If you try to wait until you understand every symbol in Masonry, then you will be dead before you ever get a tattoo.

One of my lodge brothers is currently an apprentice tattoo artist and will be able to work on people then. Masonry is a lifelong learning experience, and I don't think there's any way to say for sure "I understand this symbol entirely, and everything it means, 100%."I will reiterate that you should think long and hard about ANY tattoo. One example I saw was someone designed their own tattoo consisting of a square and compass with the USMC eagle globe and anchor as if it were one symbol.

You know the person i'm talking about, they have lots of small tattoos spread all over their body and it looks stupid.

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