This kind of flower has become a symbol for religions that are Hindu and Buddha for awakening to the spiritual reality of life. Among the Buddhists, the lotus symbolizes the throne of Buddha with the eight petals representing the eightfold path of Buddhism, dharma. Away from the mythology attached to the lotus flower, most people get lotus flower tattoos because it symbolizes life and the beginning of a new growth, hopefully into something good if not better. If you have been through a rough patch in your life and you’ve successfully recovered, then the lotus flower tattoo would be your best choice of a tattoo.

Like all flower tattoos, Lotus flower tattoos are engraved in different colors depending on their meaning.
People from poor backgrounds embrace lotus flower tattoos much easily as they symbolize the undying determination to make something out of their frustrations, just like the budding lotus flower rises from murk to beauty. It’s good to know the meaning behind the color you choose to have your lotus tattoo engraved in.
Those who are hoping to grow into better people with more beautiful personalities also prefer to wear the lotus flower tattoo.

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