If you are thinking of having a nice flower tattoo and wondering what design might suit you the best, consider having a beautiful lily tattoo on your body and you are good to go. Check out the elegant lily tattoos presented in this site that will surely elevate your overall appearance.
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Lily tattoos are very popular, with the only tough part deciding what type of lily you want to ink on.
Tiger Lily Tattoos: This type is similar to other lily tattoos but its petals are reddish-orange. FLEUR-DE-LIS Lily: This French variety is a three-pedaled flower that’s banded at the base. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there is a spell for the “Transformation into the Water Lily”. A white lily is considered to be a flower of chastity and is a representation of suppressing desires and purity.
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When talking about the most popular tattoos for today we should definitely mention flower tattoos as well.
As for the meaning of flower tattoos, different flowers are more common in different parts of the world, the popularity of certain flower tattoo changes according to the place as well.
Flower tattoos can come in different designs: persons tattooing flowers can chose a single figure, or combine flowers with butterflies, birds, stem of hummingbirds.
Lotus Flower Tattoos can also be important symbol for those who feel like they have gone through real hard time and now are settling down.
Hawaiian flower tattoos have been very popular for a while already and have still not lost their attractiveness to numerous people, maybe because they provide broad possibility of color and shape variations.

When you see a tattoo design you like, consider what you like about it.  There are many tattoo styles to choose from, and as tattoo artists continue to grow and expand their creativity there will be many more. Realism is a special tattoo technique where the tattoo artist tattoos realistic replicas of everyday items.  Tattoo ideas that are reflected well in a realism tattoo are a tribute to someone, like a father’s high school football helmet or an item you have grown to love, like items relating to music. One of the most widely recognized flower tattoos of all times, the lily has been culturally and aesthetically important in many civilizations across the world. A lot of women are getting tattooed for apparent reasons – it could make them extremely girly and chic.
Besides being Bangladesh’s national flower, there are several stories and myths that exist for the spiky plant. We hope you enjoyed it and if you want to get the pictures in high quality, simply just click the download link below the 1 images of Lily And Butterfly Tattoo.
Flower tattoos are most common among women, but are more and more used by men as well today. Moreover, same flowers can have completely different meanings for the people in residing in different places. There are many ways to expand these ideas and these are usually items that never tend to age or go out of style.
Chicago Tattoo Co., and wanted to be part of your tattoo community, so Fred is letting me write blogs for you. The great popularity of flower tattoos most probably related to the great variety and wide possibilities of design provided by floral pattern.
The most widespread meaning for flower tattoos are victory and life, vitality, love, femininity, tenderness, faithfulness, love etc. As for the place and size of the flower tattoos on the body, they vary from very small and delicate to more bolder and bright-color designs. For others Hibiscus flower tattoos are associated with royalty, delicate beauty and fragile soul. Realism may be a great option for someone who wants a larger tattoo that isn’t very simple. Flower tattoos can have the shape of numerous different flowers and unlimited combination of colors.

However, as flowers have been used in the ornaments and designs of numerous cultures worldwide and throughout the history, it is hard to define a single meaning for various floral patterns.
The most popular parts of the body where mostly women get flower tattoos are back, ankle, shoulder, wrist and upper arm. Other Hawaiian flower, like plumeria represent such qualities associated with women as peacefulness and naturalness. Some cultures associate flower with life and sun, they see sun as a source for growth and growing of the flowers as birth of life. In Christian faith, the lily is associated with the Virgin Mary as well as the qualities of innocence and chastity. When you know the meanings behind, it’s definitely strong personal statement besides the girly style. Others might believe that the flower symbolizes rebirth, by being born in Spring, fading away in winter and being reborn the next year.
Lotus flower has a very important symbolic role in Buddhism and it signifies awakening and spiritual life. Different forms of lily tattoos exist, which vary greatly in their style and color patterns.
So it is really up to you and your tattoo designer’s creativity to shape the most unique flower tattoo for you.
Colors can give a flower a positive or a negative meaning or change the meaning completely.
Lotus flower develops its beauty in mud, from being really small to getting larger and moving towards the light.
For example white roses in Caucasian culture, would signify purity and youth, whereas dark red roses mean love and longing and pink roses signal to fragility.

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