Anyway, seeing as Chris is judging Master ink, we thought we’d get him to judge some cliche tattoos and rattle off the first thing that pops into his head when you, un-inked customer you are, comes into his shop and asks for one of these. Mike Tyson has a tattoo on his face.  In fact, the number of people who have facial tattoos who also have mugshots on file displaying those tattoos is likely a very high percentage, which brings us to our expert’s opinion of face tattoos. At least one editor at Holy Taco actually has Asian characters tattooed on their person and no, they are not Asian nor do they speak any Asian dialects.  However, the tattoo was gotten as a joke and translates as “nothing” so when people ask what it means, you can say “nothing” and smugly smile as the person who asked doesn’t get it. It should be noted that this is not classic for rich suburban doctors, so our chiropodist’s “Bunion Bustin’ 4 Lyfe” tattoo is still pretty ridiculous in any font.

Anyway, we’re off to get that full back Hello Kitty having sex with a unicorn tattoo we’ve been looking at.  Check out Ink Master Tuesday night on Spike, yo. This entry was posted in Angel Tattoo Designs and tagged angel wing tattoos, angel wings and halo tattoos, angel wings back tattoos, angel wings for tattoos, angel wings with guns tattoos, heart with angel wings tattoos, large angel wing tattoos.
If you are not happy with the temporary tattoos you purchased for any reason just send them back for a full refund of the product purchase. All we ask is that you do so within 30-day of receiving your temporary tattoos. Return Policy! To return an item within 30 days of purchase, simply indicate the reason for your return on your invoice, include it with your return and wrap the package securely.

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