Romance has always been a central part of comic books, and while many fans may not read FOR the love stories, it is an incredibly driven plot device that personally has me coming back to certain story arcs again and again (just to see what happens!). The Joker and Harley Quinn are absolutely nuts together – but it makes them endearing, and I must admit half the reason I have read Batman for as long as I have is because I am perpetually longing to see them on the page. As I read Archie comics growing up (along with X-Men, constantly), I was taught that super hot, desirable women go for lack luster doofuses, and that warring, catty women can TOTALLY be friends (sometimes).
So I guess Spider-Man and Mary Jane is one of the great comic book romances, even though he (a man with super strength) once hit her while she was pregnant. It’s an interesting societal quirk that in comics hitting someone one time while under mind controll is a permanent crime while mass genocide is all cool. Geeks are known for their dedication to their favorite comics, TV shows, video games, and movies—so it's hardly surprising that there are tons of geeky tattoos at Comic Con, the world's largest pop culture gathering.
But if you really want a tattoo that looks like a scene from the comic book, it's best to have an action shot like this Batman and Joker tattoo. This fan opted to get a whole Batman sleeve, but wanted it to be a little less gritty than many of the comics, so she chose the style of the characters from The Animated Series.
Portrait tattoos require a truly skilled artist and often cost a lot because they need so much detailing.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has long been a geek favorite, so you should always expect to see a few t-shirts inspired by the books at the convention, and don't be surprised if you see a tattoo as well.

There are a number of book-inspired tattoos at the convention; I particularly like this 1984 tattoo. There are also tons of Harry Potter fans at the convention every year, so it was hardly surprising to find some tattoos related to the books, but I found this guy's illustrations from the book particularly impressive.
There are always a few Zelda tattoos to be seen around the con, but I saw more this year than ever before. This one was easily my favorite of the many Zelda tattoos because it featured so many aspects of the game rather than just a logo.
Thank you Noah and Brad for identifying these great designs as the work of tattoo artist Jesse Smith.
This tattoo is based on one of the works of Alex Pardee, who has been an exhibitor at the convention for around 10 years.
So there you have it tattoo lovers—a chance to enjoy and explore the great tattoos spotted at Comic Con 2013. Or do, if you want your life to read like a comic book (or a soap opera… sans superpowers and money that seems to grow on trees).
Her devotion and adoration for her attacker is never really explained in the comic, though it may have something to do with the fact that she is a deeply insecure individual. That gigantic mess has been retconned and time travel and future versions of Peter Parker coming back to the past and the entire thing is such a giant mess that it can safely be ignored.

While the tattoo isn't quite complete yet (Batman and Talia al Ghul are also on the sleeve, but not yet filled in), it already looks great and will only be better in the future. That should give you some idea of just how dedicated this fan must be to get a stormtrooper tattoo with such meticulous detail. In fact, this was actually the second Darth Maul tattoo I saw, both featuring actor Ray Park's autograph. While he started out as an unknown artist with a tiny booth in the "Artist's Alley" area, he now is fairly popular and always rents out a large booth right beside one of the main convention entrances, making him a true Comic Con success story—and this ink a perfect Comic Con tattoo. They are also one of the few comic book relationships that very explicitly deal with infidelity.
If I ever end up beating my wife, I’m coming to you guys for character references at the trial. That's why, aside from the general geek interest, the San Diego Comic Con has always had a tight relationship and adoration for all things Star Wars. While we may not want conflict in our own lives and relationships, it sure is fun to read about in comic books… and boy, does our favorite medium for storytelling have some doozies in the way of messed up relationships.

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