The snake is arguably one of the most symbolic creatures that exist in the Japanese history. Through the ages snakes have become a symbol of the human races greatest hopes and most perilous fears. Reptiles often find their way onto the skin because part of their symbolism is centered on change, much like the different forms they take on throughout their lives, shedding skin, re-growing tails and even metamorphosis. Lotus flowers have a very strong religious symbolism that ties in with many Asian religions. They meaning can vary slightly from each religious tradition, but essentially it had become widely accepted that the Lotus flower represents the awakening to the meaning of life.

The modernism of the lotus has simplified its symbolic meaning and has as a result represents life in general.
The lotus flower grows from dirt and mud into an astonishingly beautiful object, so symbolically speaking, that things or people can grow to be beautiful or better is also an accepted meaning of the lotus flower. The severed head tattoo is used to represent many things, respect for an enemy, a warning, courage or just an image presenting fear in a person’s life. The image however is usually very visual and brutal, but this isn’t only meant as a shock factor, but also as an element to the circle of life.
In ancient tradition the taking of a head was done with respect for the person and that person’s cause, but was very often used to show others the punishment if they are not living a righteous life.

It is widely believed that they have supernatural abilities such as providing protection against illness or disasters.
The popular message behind this tattoo is to show a willingness to accept your fate with honor.

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