The Irish tattoos comprise popular symbols enshrined in the history of the Ireland and among them the claddagh is the most popular. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Hawaiian Flower Tattoos, Chinese Tattoo Symbols, Native American Tattoos and Chinese Symbol Tattoos. This tattoo with the sharp and pointed knot work complements the rising sun in the center and creates a cool design. Pretty and hardcore Irish pride tattoo, carved on the chest with clover leaves and a set of brass knuckles that looks gorgeous and sexy. The man takes pride in his Irish lineage and has got a tattoo on the forearm to symbolize the brave and fearless spirit inside him.
The popular symbol of love, friendship and loyalty is a much sought-after Irish tattoo design.
The twin snakes intertwined together in the Celtic knot fashion make for a classic and modern tattoo design. This black and grey Celtic star with the intricate knot work inside it makes for an artistic and spiritual tattoo piece. This good luck symbol along with the initials of the wearer represents the pride in Irish culture.
This man flaunts his Irish tattoo that has the clover leaf, Celtic knot and the names of his sons, carved on the arm. This forearm tattoo has got four clover leaves that represent the wearer’s three brothers and one sister. The tribal design coupled with the green and yellow clover leaf tattoo represents the Irish culture.

This Irish national has got a clover leaf along with the horseshoe carved on his ankle as a mark of tribute to his nationality and self-respect. This Celtic dragon tattoo symbolizes power and bravery which are the hallmarks of the Irish culture. This is a well-known symbol of love and friendship in Ireland that also makes for a beautiful and touching tattoo design.
The green skull and the shamrock create a cool Irish tattoo that has a modern as well as conventional touch. Pretty neck tattoo that has the good luck symbol along with stars and a ribbon that give it a charming look. The traditional Irish ring that is presented as a badge of friendship and love, along with the holy cross makes for a powerful tattoo with meaning.
This Irish tattoo with the rose and shamrocks designed as a crown creates a lovely tattoo design that represents love.
Symbolizing the fact that good luck is an eternal sage that comes with endless hard work and passion, this Irish tattoo looks artistic. Celtic knot and the four-leaf clover with the holy trinities inside it make for a religious Irish tattoo. Innovative tattoo with the shamrock displaying the Irish flag colors perched on the cross that is brings out spirituality and pride of the wearer. The Celtic knot is a very famous Irish tattoo design as it has a mystic and historic touch that is so in sync with Ireland.
The girl got this Celtic cross along with two hibiscus flowers in memory of her grandparents on her upper back.

Irish cross is one of the numerous varieties of religious tattoos that are often sported by people to celebrate their admiration for the Irish heritage. The gang tattoos were also a manifestation of the same identity symbolism that has crossed over to a modern and nationalistic form where national pride is worn through the body art. This ring that shows two hands holding a heart takes its name from a fishing Irish village is gifted as a mark of love and friendship. The Celtic Irish cross tattoos are among the most attractive and frequently sought after symbolic tattoo designs available today. The Irish tattoos belong to this very category and are worn by the people to display their pride in the Irish culture. These tattoos are often sported by Scottish, Irish and Welsh people as they reflect the cultural heritage of these countries.
Here we have short listed 35 Irish tattoos that will tell you more about the meanings and symbolism. If you are looking for a unique yet attractive Irish cross tattoo design, check out the following collection that includes some of the most beautiful ideas for these tattoos.

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