Splice is a freemium video editor designed for iPhone and iPod touch, developed by Path 36.
If you want to edit your videos, the download free app Splice video editor may be suitable for you. The following 9 iPad Indian language editor apps, available for free from the iTunes App Store, allow users to convert text into script instantly.

Travelers in need of language assistance should refer to Best iPhone Apps for India Travel.Bangla EditorA very simple and easy to use application, Bangla converts the English characters you type into Bangla script. Just type in the phonetic word in English and the word will be converted to Malayalam.Punjabi EditorType in Punjabi sentences you want converted using phonetic sounds in English, and this editor will generate the corresponding sentence in Punjabi Gurmukhi script. Quickly post Facebook and Twitter updates in Urdu script, or compose emails and text with this app.Oct 18, 2011Chris Chopp Double-Decker Buses Return for Kolkata TourismHelp!

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