Juliet says that she’s satisfied with her current amount of ink, though she may possibly get more tattoos in the future.
Juliet has a large snake tattoo on her left leg that starts right below her knee and goes down to her ankle. In August 2011, Juliet Simms got two tattoos for her boyfriend Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides, also known as Andy Six.
On her right ring finger, she has another tattoo for Andy of a heart with a cross inside it. Andy is handsomer than Juliet and Andy does not have to be tattooed if sure next year he short with she.

I like tats and am thinking about getting a matching one with the guy I love…but getting a guys name tattoed on your arm is stupid! It’s done in a Sailor Jerry style, and Juliet says it was her first traditional tattoo.
This may be a statement in favor of equal rights like Miley Cyrus’ equal sign tattoo, though Juliet has not talked about the meaning of this tattoo. This tattoo is obviously for her boyfriend Andy Biersack, and is one of at least four tattoos relating to their relationship. She has a skull on her finger, a crescent moon on her finger(matches her bf Andy’s), a quote on her upper arm, and a rose near her hip.

Inner arm’s skin is agent and sensitive and therefore most tattoo artists won’t suggest this for a beginner.

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