Erin, from the blog Lemon Tree Creations, made this adorable rustic wall art out of old, weathered barn wood given to her by a friend! Art and Craft is always a popular option at youth clubs, and you might be surprised at who not only is interested, but shows quite a talent for it. Not essential, but if you have older children who want to paint a more complicated design, using tracing and transfer paper will allow them to perfect their drawing on paper first then copy the outline of this onto the mug for colouring in. An alternative to stencils is printing, you can either make or buy stamps, or just let your children use their hands and feet to make stamps.
Origami is the art of folding paper to produce boxes, decorations, toys, models or just art! Just about anything canbe used to make music or create rythm and if you want to have an idea of just how little you need watch STOMP in action and if they are playing in a town near you why not arrange a trip to inspire some people. She had her hubby and little man attach the wood boards together with metal braces, and purchased three shades of acrylic paint to cover the boards with three layers of the stencil pattern!

The hands and feet option is great for young children as they can add to it over the years and trace how their hands and feet have grown. If you have younger children with a less steady hand, and you your self are more artistic you can easily fix there errors by re out lining the designs with black paint.
If you used stencil paint then the best way to wash your blinds is with a moist soapy sponge taking care to avoid the painted areas where possible. Erin used spray adhesive to get the stencil to stick to the wood and a stencil brush to paint on the design. It's also worth looking at some of the Fun Science ideas where there is often a cross over between art and science!
But, when we contacted her about using our stencils, the lightbulb above her head lit up instantly!
For the first layer, she positioned the stencil off center and painted with bronze color paint.

Since she often relocates to new homes, Jen wanted to create something with our Large Fruit Tree stencil that could be easily transportable!
After watching some of Cutting Edge Stencils’ How-To Videos, she got to work, creating a large, moveable family tree! Our  nature influenced, rustic home decor lovers would die unfulfilled and uniformed about the wood wall art that their fellow artsy DIYers had created before their timely fates.
Aside from stenciling on our tree design with neutral colors (to match any room), Jen painted on the phrase “Families are Forever” and shuffled through vintage photos to attach to the branches!

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