That moves us to our other big story this episode which is Klaus explaining the importance of “The Five.” Apparently in the 1100s, Klaus and his family encountered The Five, a group of highly skilled vampire hunters.
Finally, I should mention that Klaus got Jeremy to draw the tattoos on Connor – no one else can see the tattoo. Later in the episode Connor escapes by decapitating a vampire guard (seriously people, learn about having more strategically placed guards. In the final scene with Damon and Elena she admits that she thinks he might be right about the correct way to be a vampire.
This entry was posted in TV, Movies, and Music and tagged recap, Vampire Diaries, vampire diaries tv show by Sarah Caldwell. The Hunter's Mark is a mark which appears as a tattoo on the body of a member of The Brotherhood of the Five. The Hunter's Mark was created centuries after the powerful witches (Qetsiyah and Silas) created the first known spell of immortality. The mark was given to The Five as a means to find Silas and the Cure, which they believed was the ultimate weapon to rid the world of vampires.
Connor Jordan discovered he was a potential hunter when he saw the mark on his friend, whom he had served with in Iraq. In 2010, Connor came to Mystic Falls to kill vampires after being sent there by Atticus Shane who wanted him to grow his mark as part of his plan to find and raise Silas. In A View To A Kill, Jeremy used the White Oak Stake to kill Kol and, thus, every vampire in his bloodline. Vaughn's Hunter's Mark In Down the Rabbit Hole, Vaughn, revealed to a captive Damon that although he had spent his entire life killing vampires, his Mark never really revealed itself until it had mysteriously completed itself around the same time that Jeremy Gilbert killed an Original Vampire, Kol.
Map: The Hunter's Mark is primarily a map that directs the hunter to the location of Silas' tomb. Story: The Hunter's Mark pictorially explains glimpses of the story of the first immortal, Silas. Record: Since after the first and original generation of the Brotherhood of the Five, all those who came after them would always have the Hunter's Mark incomplete upon first manifesting on their bodies. Identification: Because there can only be five current Hunters of the Brotherhood of the Five in any given time, there can also only be five Hunter's Marks in existence at any given time, one for each active Hunter.
It is possible that only one exists at a time, to replace one newly dead hunter subsequently turning another living human to a potential.

It is possible five potentials exist at a time, where each potential is only turned into a hunter when their corresponding hunter dies. There could be innumerable potentials - small enough in number compared to the world's population to go unnoticed for a thousand years - meaning the legacy of the hunter is probably passed on to the geographically closest potential hunter. The hunter is seemingly still a simple human being - not a supernatural creature - until he is awakened (as seen when Jeremy comes back to life with the Gilbert Ring before awakened). Every time the hunter kills a vampire, the mark grows piece by piece; more is revealed after every kill.
It was seen that even after the Hunter's Mark was absorbed, the supernatural qualities it bestowed upon the bearer will remain, since the Gilbert Ring failed to resurrect Jeremy, having been converted supernaturally by this Mark.
Rebekah fell in love with Hunter Alexander, a dashing lad obviously not long for this world.
When his friend died, the mark appeared on Connor's arm, and with it came the intense urge to kill vampires. While there, he discovered that Jeremy Gilbert was a potential hunter when Jeremy was able to see the Hunter's Mark. In order to end the Hunter's Curse from which Elena is suffering, Jeremy killed one of Klaus' hybrids, effectively initiating Jeremy as one of The Five.
These symbols are supposed to be the key to deciphering the messages coded onto the cryptex of the hunter's sword.
Apparently, owning the Hunter's Mark bestows the bearer certain privileges unique to the Brotherhood; namely enhanced physical prowess, urge to hunt Vampires, and immunity to Compulsion.
To complete it, the Mark's bearer must kill Vampiric entities, causing the tattoo to grow into completion. The Mark serves as a way of identifying Hunters for those who know of its history, and as a way for current Hunters to identify Potentials, as only they can see it.
This was because incomplete hunter's mark on new hunters could be seen only by other hunters or potentials. Completing one hunter's mark on one, completes the mark on every current hunter - it is unknown what would happen if the hunter dies, whether the mark on other hunters would revert to its previous state or not - we might never know. Even without the Mark visible, he still displayed attributes of a Hunter from the Brotherhood of the Five; having reacted violently towards those that bullied him, and even identified Silas after the Immortal touched him, sending a chill where his Mark used to be. Alexander tells Rebekah, in bed, that the tattoos on his body are a map and that his sword unlocks the key to translating the map.

He tells Jeremy that he saw that tattoos on another guy who told him that only potential vampire hunters could see it. Jeremy helped lure Connor into a trap set by Damon; he is captured by Klaus, who ordered Jeremy to draw the tattoo. Later, Stefan forced Jeremy to kill a vampire in order to grow the mark, but an unanticipated side effect was that Jeremy's urge to kill vampires, including his sister, was intensified, as well as becoming immune to compulsion. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, it was seen that the Hunter's Mark reacts whenever Silas comes into contact with a Hunter from the Brotherhood, making it possible to identify the Immortal in this manner. It appears as if the mark growth causes some minor level of physical pain to the hunter for short moments, and multiple growths all at once may actually cause excruciating pain. Completion of the mark takes a very long time, since Vaughn never came close to completing his mark despite going after Vampire dens for most of his life. Stefan has an adorable moment when he talks about how he would not want to be a vampire (even if it means eternity), if it meant that he could grow old and be buried with Elena.
Eventually, the tattoo started showing up on Connor’s hand and the more vampires he killed the more it spread. I don’t think that the writers would go through so much trouble to make her a vampire, just to take it back in the end.
In the interest of completing the Mark as soon as possible, Klaus turned a bar-full of people into vampires just for Jeremy to kill. The awakened hunter is supernatural and his awakening fills him with immense power far more than an average human. The absorption process causes the hunter's mark to disappear from all current hunters starting with the beginning of the mark. The other purpose is that the Potential Hunter is ready to be awakened and take the previous one's place within The Five. One of Qetsiyah's descendants, a dying witch, created the The Brotherhood of the Five, a group of vampire hunters. The fact that Kol's death probably meant the demise of other vampires from his bloodline worldwide means that the murder does not have to occur in the hunter's presence, as any death by their hands will still cause the mark to grow. A person with the mark continues to be a hunter after it was gone, both in life and in death.

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