You should put mask and gloves to make sure that you will not be influenced by the chemical reaction when create the ink. The tattoo inks really plays an important role in the whole tattoo process, since the tattoo artists can use different kinds of tattoo inks to create different tattoo designs. Since the infection is always a problem in the tattoo process, we should pay more attention to it.
Maybe sounds difficult, but you can create tattoo ink at kitchen when gather the necessary supplies.

At the same time, in the process of preserving of inks, remember never heat the pigments or their mixtures, because the chemistry will change and the tattoo ink will be fading quickly when applied to your body. Certainly these six tattoo drawings have very little in common except that they are all well executed. Each one of them has a bit of that, I’m different and this is why, thing about them that makes them all different in that way. Sometimes these tattoo drawings can be confusing but at least these are interesting to look at.

At the same time, you can keep track of the amounts of liquid and powdered pigment so that you will make consistent batches and improve your technique.

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