Gather tips for quick videos, and hear how Vocus got major mileage out of using a reluctant internal expert.
From the hub-and-spoke social media structure to how social fits within a business, these pros cover it all. Find out how CareerBuilder uses responses to questions to create content that can be spread out across social media platforms. Amber Naslund is a business strategist who concentrates on social, communication and community initiatives. Tap into the wisdom of your fellow travelers: smart social media community managers who face and overcome, the same obstacles you must deal with.

An early adopter of social media, Stacey scours Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn every day for marketing ideas and for writing content that helps both small businesses and enterprises create more effective social media marketing strategies. Her expertise spans professional fundraising, corporate communications, marketing, professional services and social business strategy. Gather tips on how to use these influencers who have legions of followers and can throw their weight behind a brand.
And gather ideas for making content creation manageable, rather having to chase your would-be contributors down in the restroom and parking lot and twist their arms to get you that blog post.
She's successfully run multimillion-dollar fundraising campaigns, built and led executive communication teams, and helped launch international brands.

Her experience lies in social media, event and cause promotion, brand building, writing, community management, relationship building, advocacy and influencer identification, and other areas.

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