My personal opinion is that people should be at least 21 years old to get a tattoo and should think about the design for 2 years before getting it. In 2007, I got a tattoo of a lightning bolt on the side of my right waist, that my best friend designed for me. I think you provided some great advice regarding tattoos and had a great rationale for getting one. Personally I don’t think I would get a tattoo, but if I felt strongly enough about something (similiar to your lightening bolt), maybe I would.
I love writings as tattoos, a poem, a phrase a famous quote that means something for the person. After 3 years together, I almost got her initials, YB, which she was going to spell out, as whybe, in her own tattoo.

The first (age 15) was a rememberance tattoo to a friend of mine, who was a victom to suicide. I have a tattoo of my Hawaiian name (Keaka, which means Survivor) and my Japanese family Mon (crest). My second one actually was more of an impulse but it’s a lion (cliche) and just presents strength and wisdom. This time, the tattoos they get together will be symbols of their affection rather than given identification labels society has placed on them.
Once you merge it with alternative styles and graphics then the tattoo becomes a chunk of art.
The Chinese alphabet for strength is additionally another ancient vogue that’s thought of fashionable even these days.

Simply the word “strength” tattooed additionally appearance terribly fashionable and important.
Whether or not designed in daring lines or skinny shapes, these tattoos is a category apart.

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