Hannikate Lettering Font Tattoos Designs Part 17 Free Download is one images from Graffiti Fancy Letters Style post of graffiti art gallery.
Previous photo in the gallery is How To Create Your Own Tag Graffiti Diplomacy Free Drawing Lessons. Gothic lettering is extremely difficult, and has little practical use for the architectural designer or draftsman. Inasmuch as this letter is likely to be used but little by architectural draftsmen, and as it is a much more difficult form to compose than even the Roman type, it seems better to refer the student to some treatise where its characteristics are taken up more thoroughly and at greater length.

You can see this cool graffiti with black, platinum, silver, cadet grey, dim grey, color combination. There are some terms like: graffiti, letters, write, paper, letter, draw, drawing, marker, coloring, tagging, learn, writing, feel, back, alphabets.
However, in case he should require a letter of this style, it would be bettor to refer him to some book where he may study its characteristics more particularly, remembering it is just as important he should know something of the history, uses and materials from which this letter has been taken, as in any instance of the use of the Roman form.
Although Italian, this letter is as German in character as any of the examples from the pen of Albrecht Durer.

Indeed, it might be said, it is even more important, as the Gothic letter is more universally misunderstood and misapplied than the simpler Roman letter.

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