Matt Jordan is working from Blue Lotus Tattoo studio in the north shore of Auckland New Zealand. Copyright © 2015 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. Good times at Otautahi Tattoo all across New Zealand – Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown! We've got an awesome guest moko artist, Tane Lagah, coming down and working in the shop in Queenstown over the weekend of Matatini, he's working in our Auckland branch previously and has just been working away in our Christchurch shop for the last few weeks getting some wicked mahi put out!

Up in Auckland we've had one of our apprentices turn over to full-time artist and he's getting some awesome pieces done up these days! Pretty much everyone is doing water and few drops in their tattoo design nowadays, but most of then makes the water drops that look like small glass pearls, hovering slightly above the skin or the designed motif.
Secondly, the level of realism in the rose petals and the dew drops is about as good as it gets! We've been blessed to have Anika Moa in the Christchurch location getting a nice old school ship on her shoulder with the boss man Brad Cone, we've had the one and only Ghostface Killah swing past our Auckland branch during his tour here too!

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