Here are the programs and platforms you’ll encounter in your search for social networking software. Elgg is the underlying social engine which provides the building blocks to create social applications and sites. CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. Anahita is a light and scalable open source solution for building all kinds of custom social networks.
Yogurt is a free add-on module to create a simple Social Network for a pre-established xoops site. Xoops isn’t the only CMS that can be turned into a social network using add-on software. The demo site is throwing MySQL errors and the Showcase is empty which makes it hard to determine how PHPizabi would behave once the real networking begins. You’ll need to pay licensing fee if you want to completely brand your social network as your own.

Basically, this social networking software helps webmasters set-up an online community centered around sharing ideas and files in pursuit of education.
Drop it into a new or existing application, and youa€™ll instantly have all the features of a basic community site.
The social networking engine costs $199, with optional plugins priced from $50 to $99 extra. Loosely defined as a social network, this platform is less about networks and more about conversation. Mingle uses a standard WordPress installation and theme to create profile pages, user friending, wall posts, profile activities, social comments, email notifications (with privacy settings) and a full directory of members.
Dating sites, friend networks, video sharing portals are all built on networking platforms that give members control over their personal profile and encourage user-generated content. You will be free to focus on the important stuff like marketing, partnerships and monetization.
When choosing a social networking platform, you need to make sure the software looks professional, is stable and will be around for the long haul.

There is a nice marketplace set up that allows new users to purchase things like installation services and templates.
There is no marketplace for add-ons or plugins, so Lovd is best used by webmasters that want a simple social network for a small group.
Mingle can be used to start a new Social Networking website or to give your existing registered users a more social experience. While useful for workgroups or other collaborative efforts where the participants are spread out, echowaves seems like it would be tough to keep up with a large userbase.

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