100 Strokes for Adobe PS CC 2015 CS3 CS5 CS4 CS6 CS2 CS1 CC 2014 Elements, PSP, Pages, Painter, GIMP, etc The set includes embossed frames, shadows, rounded, art deco, abstract, circular, extruded, rectangular, offset, raised and many more.
30 Edge artworks for Adobe PS, PS Elements, GIMP, Xara, PaintShop Pro, Photo-paint and many others and includes many different weird and wonderful squares, esoteric, rounded, warped and many more.
The PNG images need to be opened via the open command in PaintShop Pro and then select the brush tools and display the panel, you will find the commands to save the current selection as a custom brush.

Many different elaborate selections of corners are included in the set and can be used in any numbers of combinations to create a vast range of amazing artworks for any project. Sadly it does mean you can only have one style of stroke added to a particular layer but a solution is just to add a new layer - of course this does have an advantage that any added strokes can also be quickly disabled or removed via the layer panel and you can also create multiple variant artworks via the comp panel.
All are royalty free and can be used to create all kinds of work such as logos, books, illustrations, edges, cards, posters, videos and much more.

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