Note: This tutorial assumes that you have a web host and you have some working knowledge of website design and HTML. This modern template comprises fresh design ideas and is meant for those who want to let all their creativity run free. Designed for any kind of online photo gallery this template will be appreciated both by photographers and viewers. A template called Playing Shots is meant for those who would like to establish an online portfolio designed in dark pleasant colors. The light color which is predominant in this template calms you while working with your web photo gallery and gives a certain feeling of relaxation.
Another dark colored template meant for those who are sure that all genius things are simple. Black background prevails in web photo galleries as it helps to draw attention exactly on the art works of photographer. If you are in need of plain but professionally looking design for your online gallery this Flash Template will undoubtedly be to your taste.
This web photo gallery design made in nice grey color gamut will let your art works shine like bright stars with every click.
If you are looking for colourful and vivid design for your online photo gallery this template is exactly what you need.
This template is made for those photographers who prefer restrained design made in dark colours.
The plain but nevertheless original design of this template will be an ideal solution for any kind of online portfolio.

Today we want to share with you, our dear readers, a top list of the most beautiful and creative free website templates. When you find an image that you might be interested in purchasing simply click the image and look for the 'Buy Print' and 'Buy Card' links beneath it. It will make your online portfolio look vivid underlining your exclusive style with the the help of contemporary graphics. Its design includes easy navigation and minimum color to let your photostream be the most bright part of your photo website. It implies your photostream presented as a collage which will make your web gallery look joyous and multicolored. Its high-grade graphics adds to the unique dignified style which will make your photo website look really modern. If these are the very features your online portfolio should convey Night Beams Template will definitely meet your demands. It will provide you and the visitors of your online portfolio with positive mood while surfing your website. Its calming appearance and convenient navigation won’t make the visitors of your online photo gallery doubt its premium design.
The template called Black Genius is one of the premium Flash Photo Templates made in dark colors to let your photostream be in the forefront. Your online portfolio built on the basis of this template will convey strong sense of possibility and potential. Using this template for your web gallery you can be sure that nothing will pass off the viewers from your photo material.

Made in traditional dark color gamut it will fit any kind of web photo gallery you want to establish to share your talent and creativity through the world.
Each work from your infusive online photostream will look as a complete piece of art within the frame of this light and heartwarming template. Creative gallery templates always come in handy when building websites for artists, bands, games, movies, hotels and all kind of advertising agencies.
We are eager to know your mind which ones are worth of your attention and can be of a certain use for your project or become an inspiring resource in future.
The proposed website templates differ in style and purpose, but they were chosen because they easily stand out from the rest and are memorable and impressive. Consider downloading this gallery website CSS template as it is a perfect way to showcase your creative works.
Take a look at them in your free time, I hope you’ll like them and introduce into your new collections of templates. The Html, CSS and JS codes have been properly structured and commented, which means that you won’t encounter any difficulties when editing the website CSS template.
Besides, we encourage the comments flow and do hope that you will post the links to even more beautiful free website templates that our audince can use for their websites.

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