Yesterday was unveiled the logo of the next World Cup that will take place in Brazil in 2014. What you can see in the history of the world cup logo is that its gets simpler with less texts and shapes every time. As for every logo design, there will always be those who like it or dislike it, but I believe that for this 2014 World Cup logo there's too much buzz. Well I will start off by saying that I quite liked the new logo since the first time I saw it on an article where Alexandre Wollner, a famous Brazilian designer which I admire and respect, was pretty upset with it saying that it represented hands covering a face of shame. I think the discussion here has to be about how to avoid that other professionals do the design work that we are supposed to do and why that happened, that is really important to understand because that we can change, the logo whether good or not it is done and cannot be changed.
In my opinion the World Cup logo should mainly represent 3 things; football, the host country (Brazil), and World Cup. I personality don't like it but I don't think it's that bad of a logo, it will do the job, even though it could be a lot better by taking a different approach to it. With the new emblem came also an avalanche of criticism that started last month when the logo was first seen. The 2014 Logo for brazil is by far the most plain logo of them all, that is why I liked it the most.

In my opinion they looked for a very loose style as we can see on the shapes of the logo, something very hand-drawn.
However I think criticizing logos is very easy because we simply do it based on what we see and our own taste. Yeah, I know that several people will say that Brazilians like to complain and all that, but I believe that the logo could be way better. Most of the old logos do that well on their own way but this one kinda fails to well represent these elements.
I would love to see the brainstorm prior to this logo design and that would help everyone see the logo with the same eyes of the creator. We really want to hear from you, share with us your thoughts about the new logo always trying to explain your opinion so we can learn from you as well.
The logo reminds me that the whole nation is embracing the event and will root for our team so that in the end we can be the ones holding the trophy as winners, something that unfortunately didn't happen in 1950, the only time the World Cup took place here in Brazil.
With such great designers and logo pros we have these days, this is not exactly a master piece. The font should not be long enough to give a messy implication, it has to be readable and not a jingle of puzzle.

I also didn't understand the red on the 2014 and I hope it's not because of a major sponsor.
Of course the logo is nice, the idea of the hands forming the trophy is very interesting, but I still think it's not that impressive. These fonts have the same width from every angle, even if they are condensed shorter they don’t get crippled or scattered. That’s why I have included Sans Serif fonts in my following collection of logo fonts.Script fonts are used occasionally, like we see it in Coca-cola logo design, which is the pioneer of using script font. Script fonts are the curly fonts, they somehow or the other have the same glitches found in the process of printing like Serif fonts, they too get shabby when undergo printing procedure, mostly the problem is originated in the textile printing.

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