For the longest time, the LinkedIn profile, although chock full of great information, looked quite dull. Thankfully, LinkedIn decided to join the other Social Media sites and add the ability to upload a background image to the profile page. If you want to stand out and have a profile that is professional and branded, you must upload your own customized background image. Included in my LinkedIn Toolbox product are customized background images that you can immediately use. When choosing a LinkedIn background Image, you need to make sure that the image matches your personal brand and conveys your unique message.
It was back in 2009 she decided to break free from corporate America and set out on her own path.
It was actually a lot of fun and I now have dozens of backgrounds I’ve created at my disposal. I noticed that the background is visible only to people who have logged in to LinkedIn, and is not visible in the public profile.

As Gurdas noted, only those who have actually logged onto LinkedIn via their account have the opportunity to view your profile with the background. There isn’t any way to modify your Public profile to display your background pic, logged in or not. Doug, just looked at your profile, nice image and very nice use of the emojis (lock and lock and key) I haven’t seen anyone else bring these into LinkedIn Profile.
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Currently it's only available to premium LinkedIn members but will be rolled out to free account holders shortly. LinkedIn's background image is responsive which means that the image can grow and shrink depending on the screen size of the device you are using to view it. She is the author of the popular book, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile.

So what could be better as a background picture than a stack of old building blueprints on a drawing table!
However, no one seems to mention the frightening amount of compression Linkedin does to your image, rendering it ugly and illegible.
This simple and easy to follow guide walks you through how to create a POWERFUL, keyword-packed LinkedIn Headline! Choose your terms and in seconds you have an engaging, professional LinkedIn Headline that impresses! Utilizing one of LinkedIn's images will certainly not add any uniqueness to your profile since so many other LinkedIn users will undoubtedly use the exact same images.

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