Often regarded as a more painful type of tattoo to choose than others, the ankle tattoo has a limited number of artwork options because of space constraints. These tattoos are usually a continuous design, that wraps around the entire ankle, as if the individual was wearing an anklet. Keep in mind that the ankle is considered a slightly more painful area of the body to tattoo, so you may want to keep your design small, and to the point. Ankle tattoos are especially painful along the Achilles tendon, on top of the ankle bone, or down the front of the foot. First of all, the ankle is known for being a particularly painful place to receive a tattoo.

Keep in mind, there is not much room for the tattoo artist to work with so for the best result you should look for a quote that is no longer than a few words long. This is because there is not very much skin and tissue between your ankle and sensitive areas like the ankle bone, or the Achilles tendon. Often times these tattoos have great significance to the individual, however some people do decide to tattoo the names of their favorite songs, or other less meaningful phrases on their ankles.
This makes the flower tattoo a very solid option for individuals who would like to come out of their tattoo with minimal pain.
You may also want to take into consideration the fact that for many people, the ankle is a place on the body that is often exposed.

While many see tribal tattoos as a thing of the past, there are some very interesting anklet designs that are created using tribal styling. Many choose to place the flower directly on their ankle bone, and while this may be a bit more painful than say, your arm, the time needed to tattoo a small flower on the ankle is not long. If you are planning on placing a very personal quote on your ankle, you may want to be prepared to answer questions about it regularly.

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