I have done a few variations of these lily flower tattoo designs red orange and yellow white plus vine and tribal. I would be happy to create other color versions of this flower tattoo design just leave a comment of contact me about your preferred color (colour) of the design you would like.
Some more meaning behind the lily tattoo design – The whiteness of the petals speaks of purity, innocence or chastity. Anyhoo they are just awesome flowers for tattoos with all the color variations and shapes so enjoy the flower designs and send me a link or photo if you get them inked on you.

Anyone who has a tattoo, wants a tattoo, or has ever thought of getting a tattoo will have fun poring over these pages. The designs range from exquisite Celtic symbols to intricate arm bands to simple lettering; chapters on animals, mythical creatures, and natural elements will delight and inspire tattooists and body artists of all kinds.
I have created a yellow white version of the flower and a red orange version of the flower tattoo. The compilation will even please people who don’t want to go under the needle; they can use the patterns to paint or stencil on a temporary tattoo.

The lily tattoo design is one of the most ambiguous flower designs all off the flower symbols.

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