Egyptian meaning of the lotus flower- to the Egyptian the lotus flower symbolizes the sun, creation and rebirth.
Buddhism  meaning of the lotus flower – to the Buddhist the lotus flower symbolizes clarity of speech.
My reasoning in this Tattoo Flower Lotus design is green as the green Chakra is the heart so symbolizing love. Feel Free to download and use this as a tattoo for yourself but send me a copy of the finished flower tattoo if you can would be nice.
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I’m not sure if this tattoo is finished or not, but it already looks incredibly good enough, but would be much better with a bright splash of colors on it.

The design is so feminine, I love it and it’s simple just like how lotus flowers really are. I like it that they made the koi look like a silhouette and made the lotus flower brightly colored. No sure which part of the body this is, but I love the shading and the colors combined for this tattoo. It’s also nice to look at to colored lotus flower, different colors from the inner and outer petals. The dark waves and cloud with the lotus flower depicts the meaning of the tattoo very well, being a flower that grows beautifully from a murky water. The white highlight of the black lotus flower is making the tattoo pop-out and despite the small size, it looks incredibly nice.

So the owner of this tattoo decided to add a dragonfly on the lotus flower, and maybe it has a significance on the owner too. This is the reason why a lot of tattoo lovers chooses this design and sometimes incorporate them with other tattoos like a geisha and even samurais.

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