Among the different tattoo designs that are in vogue today, perhaps a flaming heart tattoo is the one design whose popularity will never diminish.
Popular flame tattoos include a flaming heart, intertwined hearts surrounded by flames or searing wings.
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Spread the warmth around you with this fire department tattoo done artistically on your legs.
With these flames, butterflies and musical notes create an almost surreal piece of art on your back.

Ward off all the ominous signs in your life with this magnificent skull tattoo on your heart. This bird and flames represent the life source from where flow all your beliefs and passions.
Carve out your initials in this flame tattoo and touch others’ hearts with positive vibes. The Burning Passions flame tattoo is looking great and very beautiful i love the tattoooooooooooooooooo. Most are Attractive body tattoos and not just simple tattoos but complicated ones.Great Collection Daniel Josh. Similarly a fire tattoo for some might signify a change that is positive, spiritual and healing in nature.

Fire or flames in your tattoo might indicate rebirth, wisdom and transformation or even lust, danger and destruction. Sometimes a fierce fire emitting dragon is used as a tattoo design to signify courage and strength of the person who is getting tattooed.
These tattoos add a whole set of positive vibes to the wearer of the tattoo to make his or her life more vibrant and alive. For the person who is seeking a proactive change, these tattoos reaffirm faith all over again.

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