45 Irish pride tattoo.
The most famous of the arm tattoo women is probably Angelina Jolie, who inked over a lasered off Billy Bob Thornton tattoo on her left arm the longitudes and latitudes of her three adopted and three natural children an, more recently, the birth place of Brad Pitt. Another famous-for-her-tats girl would be the Grammy Award singer Pink, who among her numerous tattoos in numerous places, also has a portrait of her dog, Elvis, inked on the inside of her left arm. Women arm tattoos truly seem to be a mass trend and, celebrity or not, every woman tries to create the design of her arm tattoo as personal and specific to her life as possible, which makes some of them mind blowing. You don’t need biceps of steel or a well built upper body to be able to proudly display an arm tattoo. But the very first celebrity who displayed an arm tattoo for women was none other than Pamela Anderson.

And it is on the same left arm that she has a tattoo spelling “Sir Corky Moore” and a date. Arm tattoo women have found a way of not only expressing themselves through this art, but also of making arm tattoos feminine and chic.
Whether the women arm tattoo expresses a belief, religious or of any other kind, a tribute or simply a beautiful design, women have succeeded in actually competing with men in fashionable tattoos. It was then when the whole women arm tattoo propaganda started and then diversified through time. And let’s not forget Victoria Beckham, who has a soft spot for arm tattoos, four of them being inked on her wrists. And what makes things even more interesting is that now women celebrities everywhere have started to show incredibly original or bewildering arm tattoos.

Diablo Cody, the American Academy Award & BAFTA winning screenwriter is another name worth mentioning with regard to arm tattoo for women, as she has a large pin-up girl tattoo on her left arm that has sure stirred some Hollywood waters when her film Juno came out. The women arm tattoo trend didn’t skip on notorious Kelly Osbourne, daughter of the more than famous rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who has the tattoo of an anchor one arm and a synthesizer tattoo on the other.

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