The purpose of this introduction is to clarify the decisions, process and care needed when choosing and receiving a tattoo. 1) Anticipated pain often seems to be greater in one’s mind than it actually turns out to be. Be ready: You should be confident enough in the concept of your design to be able to appreciate the tattoo through the rest of your life.
A good tattoo studio will always take the time to answer your questions, schedule a free artist consultation and provide or point you in the direction of any tattoo related information.
Why this is important: Tattooing is an art form that has traditionally been passed down from master to student. Why this is important: You’ve probably seen photos of rows of tiny white or clear caps on an tattoo artists work station. If you have any doubts whatsoever about the care of your tattoo, give your tattooist a call. After your tattoo application appointment the artist will wrap your tattoo with a protective bandage. A thin layer of moisturizer should be applied to the tattooed area ideally three to four times a day. Mentioning it again, since it is that important.You have a tattoo because ink was pushed through the top layer of skin and deposited on the second or middle layer. The first 28 days are crucial and you should limit exposing the tattooed are to the sun as much as possible.

The end goal is to not only knowing what makes a hygienic studio, but also the recognition of genuine tattoos as an art form. You while be pleasantly suprised when the physical pain from the tattoo is less intense than the mental expectation. The general thumb rule is , the fleshier the area you are getting tattooed, the less painful it is.
Besides, the reason tattoos are so awesome is because, (much like a good physique) you have to earn it!!! It will not only lead to a more uncomfortable experience while getting tattooed but also to a poor tattoo. It is basically a powerful steamer that ensures all reusable items in the tattooing process are properly cleansed between clients. But the modern tattoo studio and working environment should be held to the same levels of cleanliness and hygiene as any doctor’s office. The ink is placed into these caps because throughout the tattooing process the artist has to constantly dip the tattoo needle into the color of ink they’re using. Consider your motivation and dedication behind receiving the artwork.A huge factor regarding pain levels is the way one views and chooses the tattoo. I always suggest you get a tattoo not as a fashion statement, but because you believe in it.
If they were to keep dipping the tattoo needle into a central, main pot of ink it would then cross contaminate every client.

Needles must be sealed containers, opened in front of you before the tattoo and disposed of in a proper receptacle afterwards. However, your skin has been punctured during the tattoo process and the tattooed area is therefore susceptible to infection should you enter these areas with a recently applied tattoo.
Anyone who promises a pain free tattoo is being dishonest however, there are a few techniques that can be used to make the tattoo process less painful. Ink, cream and other materials used throughout the tattooing process must be divided into separate containers for each client. Keeping a light layer of moisturizer on the tattooed area throughout the first four weeks is highly recommended.
It’s more of an odd feeling than painful since it feels like the needles are hitting the bones.
Once this protective layer begins to fall away, much like the effect of sunburnt skin, you will notice that the tattoo looks perhaps a little lifeless – even in the greatest of circumstances this will happen but this is as it should be. The reason that direct sun is bad for a tattooed area is that the sun will heat up the tattoo ink.

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