Naturally, they are one of the most popular varieties of animal tattoos often sported by male and female tattoo lovers of all ages. The same tribal butterfly tattoo has different meaning when engraved on different parts of the body. These designs range from simple cross tattoos to winged cross symbols that men love to flaunt with style. In addition to these, deer tattoos may also stand for peace, love, grace, fertility, creativity, beauty, benevolence, abundance and spirituality.

Deer head tattoos are the most common type of these tattoos while full body deer tattoos being quite popular as well. There are so many different options that it is a challenge to shortlist them and pick just one design you like most. Check out the following deer tattoo ideas that includes designs suitable for both men and women. So, here is a collection of some of the best tattoo designs for men where you will find plenty of different stylish tattoo ideas.

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