Here's the third installment of a series of guest blogs by John Mack, an American who has been getting tattooed by Horiyoshi III for nine years.
Our intrepid reporter Father Panik (yes, of Father Panik Industries) went to the Star of Texastattoo convention in Austin last weekend and came back with the story. As a NYC based denizen, I've frequented a few (but not many) tattoo studios in the five boroughs.
I was lucky enough to be tattooed by Matty during their Friday the 13th Zombie special last March. Last week, we introduced you to John Mack, an American who has been getting tattooed by Horiyoshi III for nine years and is sharing some of those tattoo experiences in a series of guest blogs here.
Having just written about Holocaust tattoos, I became curious about forced tattooing beyond Auschwitz. As is well-known, many Jews who were victimized by the Holocaust had identification numbers tattooed (branded, actually) onto their forearms.Today, many descendants of these victims are considering and, in rare cases, actually getting their parents and grandparents numbers tattooed on their own arm. Watson is currently at Blndsght Tattoo in Portland, Maine.A favorite ritual upon moving to Athens, Georgia in 1995 was listening to local college station WUOG every Sunday morning for Dr. Convention organizer, Woody, knows how to put on a show (he's also been behind the scenes at the London Tattoo Convention) so it should be a party.Take pictures, send 'em here to share, and let us know how it goes. But yes, we've seen more young people heavily tattooed and modified in more extreme ways than just a decade ago. In a weekly series, guest blogger John Mack shares his stories on getting tattooed by Japanese master, Horiyoshi III. It was apparent from his attitude, speech, and armed escort that he was a really big cheese.I have mixed feelings about the relationship between the Yakuza and tattoos.

The swat Body Art Team surveyed 1,753 students at four colleges and reported that the heavily tattooed and pierced drank more, did drugs more, had sex more and cheated in class more. I wonder, though, if it's because of a need to rebel or simply because there is greater access to tattoos and mod procedures.
Russian inmates, most notable of all prisoners for their extensive and evolved physical hieroglyphics, would brand informants, snitches and homosexuals with unwanted tattoos. Originally attracted by his first class tattooing, I also had the pleasure of getting to know a fascinating and intelligent individual. On the other hand, I owe a debt to the Yakuza for keeping traditional Japanese tattooing alive during that dark century before the current tattoo renaissance.Anyway, the boss came to discuss a tattoo design with Horiyoshi. Indeed, the process of tattooing to differentiate, degrade and dehumanize is a practice as ancient as the beginning of religion itself.Imagine yourself in Rome. That they choose to use tattoos to stigmatize is proof of its power.In the last few years and much closer to home, there has been a very public increase in acknowledging the forced inking against marginalized and under protected minorities. Of course, with all things tattoo, the reasons, the logic behind the reasons and the quality with which those reasons are displayed are of subjective value and worth. THIS STORY from Singapore, and THIS STORY from China describe tattooing as a form of domestic violence. What is unquestionable, however, is the growing popularity.First reported in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, in 2008, this article on a son tattooing his father's Auschwitz numbers on his own arm encouraged debate and shock. This has been by far the most interesting application of my Japanese language skills.Getting tattoos all over your body is never boring, but an unexpected bonus has been the amusing anecdotes I've accumulated. So, you steal, and if caught, you are tattooed as punishment, permanently marked as a criminal.

Those with more information on forced tattooing are welcome to share their thoughts in the comments. I'll start with how I met Horiyoshi III and how I chose him to transform my skin.I had admired tattoos since I was a boy and had dabbled in hidden tattoos. When I was 19 and, at the time, only sporting one other tattoo, I decided that the weight of the Holocaust was too much to bear internally. I began my search for a local San Francisco artist skilled in Japanese style tattooing, but Japanese style was not enough.
I decided to go directly to the source of the art form.On my next trip to Japan, I interviewed two artists. Purveyor of fine clothes, jewelry and accessories.This is another day at a tattoo convention. And, perhaps, angry at my heart for being so weak and selfish.I vowed that day to never get one of these tattoos.
During his next break, Horiyoshi took a brief yet thoughtful look at my back and agreed to tattoo me.
Either way, I was in for a sublime tattoo experience.In the end, the tiebreaker was not skill or style, but location. Getting tattooed requires a huge time commitment, and Horiyoshi's Yokohama studios were more convenient.

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