Tattoos are worn for different reasons by different people and among them one very prominent reason is that people want to express themselves. It is human nature to get touched by quotes and sayings and tattoos are a cool way of reminding oneself what is important to us.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Knuckle Tattoos, Tribal Arm Tattoos, Tree of Life Tattoos and Believe Tattoos. Each step that you take in pursuit of your aim must be enjoyed to the hilt, this is what the quote intends to say. This tattoo done on the chest says that it is your deeds that will determine your status in society today. This tattoo reminds the wearer to work hard on making a name for himself which is the bounden duty of every man. Stand up for what you feel is right otherwise you will lose your self-respect, this is what the back tattoo implies.
This depressed man got a tattoo for himself which is a quote from an American psycho to express his sadness.
Forming an arc on the chest, this tattoo carved in bold font, oozes with self-belief and confidence. Quote from a book by Dave Eggers that makes one realize self-worth and uniqueness of every individual on earth. Meaningful quote carved in bold, capital letters with a pistol that looks creative and cool.
This quote inspires you to take risks in life and get up every time when you fall as you never know the fall might transform into a flight.
The man makes a powerful statement with his arm tattoo and motivates one to live with pride. Quote tattoo done on chest in pretty, cursive font that asks you to enjoy life fully with no fear. The man got his favorite Jimi Hendrix song lyrics carved as tattoo on the side of his chest. This quote tattoo, carved in neat and slender font and attributed to Dr Samuel Johnson talks about becoming strong. Carved with light ink in cursive font on the forearm, this tattoo talks of life after death.
Quote from Van Gogh that talks about the power of dreams and imagination and inspires belief in them. Carved in small font on the robust back of the soldier, this tattoo expresses fraternity and unity. This tattoo talks about the beautiful world of imagination which inspires us to create concrete master pieces.

Large lettering tattoo done in a half shaded manner that expresses the victory of the man after having gone through hard times.
The man got this tattoo on his back to express his love for his beloved and the desire to live and die together. Believe in yourself and be yourself, this is what the quote tattoo, carved on chest, intends to say. Though the images and pictures carved as tattoo designs convey meaning, they are not as forceful as the lettering and statements inked along or alone.
The body language tattoo design inked on chest is attention seeking and every figure is bubbling with an individual meaning. Rosary coiled around the wrist and line praising music are an indication of the tattoo bearer being a religious man.
Typewritten letter form inked as tattoo on forearm has a neat and clean look that screams madness. This tattoo advises one to find out positivity in the negative lessons learnt on the path of life.
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This man’s classic tattoo gives the message of courage and perseverance in a simple yet attractive font. This young man has plenty to say in his tattoo in a stylish font designed all over the back. When a man wants to send a non-vocal message across to the world, a letter tattoo like this one is your best choice. This man is obviously a great fan of the Harry Potter series going by the intricate Dumbledore quote tattoo.
The encouraging message designed around the horns of the moose makes this a great men’s tattoo.
Humans and nature have a symbiotic relationship and this artistic men’s tattoo shows it graphically.

The dove, a symbol of hope, combines with the artistic letters to give a lovely message in this men’s tattoo.
The words in the artistically designed men’s tattoo put our attitude towards love in a nutshell. The advice of persistence and never giving up is very clear in this artistically designed men’s tattoo. This simple men’s quote would have a dramatic and positive effect on all the women who see it. This men’s tattoo expresses true love through letters and the lovely rose designed in simple black color. This man clarifies his humane attitude towards everyone through this simple yet striking tattoo quote.
This man’s simple tattoo with just the word “dreamer” tells a lot about the kind of person he is. For them, the tattoos are a stylish way of saying what they feel for or what is close to their heart. If you are also desirous of getting such a tattoo, we would suggest you to go for it but before that you must check out some examples.
Such meaningful tattoos are in demand, especially, from the men, because they are more oriented towards logic and reason than women.
Messages and quotes are etched on monuments, buildings, plaques, stones, caves, religious places, walls, etc.
Men get these meaningful tattoos on different parts of their bodies but mostly, the part that is exposed is a favored place for getting such a tattoo. It would provide you with ideas and inspirations and who knows you might like one of them and get it tattooed.
Letter tattoos can spell emotions, strength, courage, philosophy, religion, and many other aspects of life.
Over the years numerous artistic fonts have enabled people to create very attractive looking messages and quotes.
Meaningful tattoos for men consist of quotes from great people which includes writers, singers, leaders or anyone who has said something meaningful that makes sense to the person. This is a set of tattoo quotes for men that range from profoundly philosophical to simply smart. Tattoo letters in different artistic fonts look very stylish and trendy, despite the old-fashioned theme of putting across an artistic message.

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