This picture is interesting with cool and casual Eminem showing off his attractive arm tattoos.
Eminem loves his daughter Hailie Jade and he shows it off with this lovely tattoo on the back of his lower right arm.
Vertically written at the back of lower right arm, Eminem got this tattoo to honor the birth of his daughter in 1995. Eminem looks cool with bold black D on the right arm and 12 on the left arm that combine together to form the hip hop band D12. Stylish Eminem soaking in a tub of blood looks daring showing off his fantastic arm tattoos. Beautiful image of Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade adorns his right upper arm and it shows his love for her. This Gothic tattoo on Eminem’s left wrist looks cool and adds a touch of style to his outlook. Interesting mirror image of Eminem shows his left upper arm tattoo with a huge mushroom along with buildings and the eye of a lady. Smart Eminem is attractive with an interesting tattoo on the left forearm representing the hip hop band Dirty Dozen. Eminem is known for his attractive tattoos and this picture of Eminem showing off his lovely tattoos is very interesting. Beautiful sleeve tattoo on the left upper arm and a simple band tattoo on the left wrist look cool and stylish on Eminem.
Stunning array of tattoos on both the arms add a touch of style to Eminem’s cool personality.
Beautifully inked tattoo on Eminem’s lower left arm denotes his love and bond which he had with his late friend Proof. Cool left wrist band tattoo, bold black D12 tattoo and beautiful Hailie Jade tattoo make Eminem stylish and attractive.
This bold black band tattoo around Eminem’s upper right arm looks cool and attractive.
Eminem pays a tribute to his late uncle Ronnie Pilkington with this intricately done tattoo on his upper left arm.

Eminem shared an interesting bond of friendship with his late friend Proof and he clearly shows it off with this tattoo on his lower left arm. Exquisitely inked with intricate details, this stunning tattoo on Eminem’s upper left arm carries a deep meaning to him. Eminem looks cool and stylish with a bold black D tattoo on his right arm and Proof tattoo on his left arm.
The best way to describe the everlasting friendship is with everlasting best friend tattoos. The tattoo carved in memory of his uncle Ronnie who introduced him to hip-hop is distinctly visible on his upper arm.
Eminem speaking to the media waves his hands that clearly shows the tattoo he wears for his daughter.
Eminem in a crisp formal suit wearing the tattoo as a tribute to his group D12 looks intimidating. The tribal tattoo inked around Eminem’s wrist was a consequence of his getting drunk. The left arm of Eminem has two tattoos, one after he got drunk and another after he had a fight with his wife Kim.
The rebellious rapper keeps his fingers crossed about the future that is yet to unfold and invest him with more tattoos. The first white rapper looks calm and composed in this pose wearing a black T-shirt complmenting his array of dark tattoos. Eminem flashes his Proof Tattoo in memory of his childhood friend and group mate whose real name was De Shaun Dupree Holton. The monumental album Relapse was like a second life as Eminem had released it after a five-year hiatus. Eminem’s daughter means a lot to him as he replaced his own name with the tattoo bearing her image. A creepy photograph of Eminem, a reference to the low phase in his life when he tried committing suicide. His hard life and rap music seems to be a logical explanation of having many tattoo designs on his body with special meanings, although there are several tattoos Eminem has made being drunk and has admitted they do not have any special meaning like a tribal bracelet on his left arm.

Tattoos worn by singers and actors sometimes become the most happening thing in the fashion industry. Some of his tattoos are a mark of love and respect which includes the RIP Ronnie tattoo, Proof Tattoo and the one he got inked especially for his daughter by replacing his own name. There are two tattoos he has dedicated to his ex-wife Kim Scott: he got a tattoo „Marshall + Kim” on his right upper arm to show his love. Ronnie was Eminem’s uncle who was very close to him and introduced Eminem to rap music, but he committed suicide. There are some more of Eminem tattoos covering his body, but these for sure are the most significant ones telling his life story. In ancient times, tattoos were used by both the royals and the common man to denote their status, religion and sometimes to express their emotions. Other tattoos were created in a fit of despair and anger, including the one on stomach which says “Rot in Pieces”.
After they got divorced and Eminem promised himself not to try getting her back, an open grave with a tombstone with Kim’s name on it got inked on his stomach accompanied by words „Rot in Pieces” under it. Today, tattoos are popular across the world among all the people irrespective of their status, religion or location.
The Eminem tattoos, a reference to the art work he has put on his body, especially the arms, make for a collage of stories. Another tattoo in the honour of a dead friend is the name „Proof” on his left arm – Proof had the name „Eminem” tattooed the same way, they were good friends, but Proof was shot in 2006. Here we bring for you a compilation all the tattoos with Eminem in different poses covered by 30 images. Whether you are a diehard fan of Eminem or just a lover of interesting tattoos, this post with a lovely collection of 31 pictures showing the popular tattoos of Eminem, is sure to enthrall you. All together, he has eleven tattoos on his body out of which six sit on the right arm and four on the left.

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