Video editing refers to the process of modification of videos to suit an individual’s preferences. Key Features:¬†Light works video editor supports nearly all formats as well as import, trimming and blending of audio, video and images. Overlooking the uninspiring interface and bits of crashes and bugs, this editor offers one of the quickest methods of editing videos. Key Features:¬†Avidemux editor offers quick time editing of videos, blending of videos and audio, as well as video encoding. Bundled with editing as well as conversion features, this editor with a simple design, handles video editing of most of the common video formats with relative ease.

Key Features: Vsdc free video editing software also converts videos into different formats, minimizing the need to look for additional conversion softwares. This editor from Pinnacle, now only available as part of Pinnacle Studio software, is perfect for the user looking for more commonplace video editing effects such as blending of audio into the background and addition of transitions as well as effects.
Whether you are an amateur or a professional, or you require a quick edit for an upload, or you want to capture those unforgettable moments for yourself, get editing with these free selection of softwares, without breaking your bank. Though the formats the software can work with are narrow, the software offers a myriad of other features that make you overlook this flaw. Using a non-linear editing system, and being open source in nature this software requires you to be tech savvy to experience its full potential.

The basic functions such as varying light, application of filter, splicing of videos and use of transitions are easily achieved without prior knowledge of video editing.
While the premium softwares employed in video editing are quite expensive, there are free alternative video editors that are just as effective.

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