Join Java and Eclipse expert Phil Quitslund as he presents best practices for creating effective, consistent, and robust user interface tests.
Helping customers learn what they need to know about their models and application use cases and translating them into their object-relational mappings, schema, and usage of their persistence layer is challenging and often poorly understand by Java developers.The persistence layer enables performance and scalability but there are many simple decisions developers can make while configuring and coding to their persistence layer which are made early in projects and have big effects late in projects when trying to reach their performance and scalability goals.
But even for non-Xtext enthusiasts there will be nice demos, e.g on SAP's new graphical modeling framework "Graphiti", on developing Android apps with Eclipse and a lot more intriguing topics.
Because the aspect ratio is exactly the same as older iPhones, no change is needed from developers and all old apps run unmodified.

I'm not talking about syntax coloring for Vim, but something close to what modern Java IDEs offer. The new device has a real gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer that is standard now in most smart phones. It allows you to edit movies with transitions, music, titles, and so forth right on your phone.
Apple sells and hosts the ads, and developers get a 60% cut via iTunes connect (the same way you get paid for your apps).iAds will be enabled July 1st but Apple has been selling spots for 8 weeks.

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